Monday, 16 October 2017

Life is like a Police Box

Lately I have been voluntarily videoing a school musical production & it was great to see it all come together. The final performance on the Saturday night was pretty special & along with that much celebration at the accomplishment and also relief that it was all over.

It has been a big commitment with hours and hours of extra miles and not much left in the tank. As I go back over the video I get to piece together the narrative with more time to mull over the musical scenes and God in history. The exiles in Babylon & King Neb & the coming King whom John the Baptist was convinced that he should not baptise. The final scene is the resurrection of Jesus (Just as He said).

Jesus is the background & the foreground story as we detect His presence & power throughout the millennia as God redeems & walks with His people of flesh & blood & bought at great cost as we all travel in time & space. Col 1:15-23.There is only one LORD, one faith and one God.


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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Like no other

Song of Songs 7:1-9. There is no denying that God made us for love in the romantic sense. To express our attraction in holy matrimony or wedlock (those words do & don’t seem to do it justice) as one man & one woman delight & joy in each other & the Lord is a truly wonderful thing. In as much as we speak of inner beauty in a spiritual sense we can delight in the love of our life & the one who gives us life, sheer devotion, unalloyed & unadulterated.

In sickness & health, for richer or poorer, in plenty or in want etc. God's picture or model for marriage is a work of art, a triptych of Theistic & natural beauty & wonder. The things that we don't have in common work beautifully together in the light of His goodness & grace.


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Lifting the lid

The Harvey Weinstein (another sexgate) story is getting bigger by the minute as far as the media thing goes. It should come as no surprise in many respects & it’s not that I want to get involved but only to ask a few questions.

Was he born that way? If so he can’t help it & in many respects it should be considered a societal norm under the new regime.

Why is it that deep down we really do think people can change after all. Can education really change the heart or only inform the mind for a while. Mind over matter ?

Humanly speaking we like to think that we can straighten what is crooked, but only God who is greater than all this can do it in a way that satisfies all the requirements of mind, body & soul.



Acts 4:19-21. "But Peter and John replied, “Which is right in God’s eyes: to listen to you, or to him? You be the judges! As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.”  After further threats they let them go. They could not decide how to punish them, because all the people were praising God for what had happened."

Lots of people make threats & poor leaders try to enforce their will onto others, particularly in secretive & private ways. In this day & age nothing really has changed when it comes to the human heart from thousands of years ago. We may appear a bit more civil than a warring tribe (but then again), a bit more savvy with some legal insight than the uninitiated but we are no less tribal & no more able to save ourselves from the evil within & without.

I know leaders can make it hard & abuse their position of trust & sometimes all you can do is pray for them as we look to Jesus & His Word. We ought not to be fooled by shallow leadership that is more like a club & less like the true church of God.


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The God who educates & schools

I suppose a wall can represent some pretty bleak circumstances but on the flip side may provide safety & security. As a backdrop for a musical we are all pretty happy with the final product. I visited the hall yesterday afternoon & there was so much activity going on in preparation for the musical. Today is the full dress rehearsal & tomorrow the main event with an opening matinee.

Art, Drama & Music
Faith, Hope & Love

in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ (The Good Teacher). 1 Cor 15:1-11.

A previous post on the backdrop


Sunday, 8 October 2017

He feedeth me

He leadeth me

Calvin: Genesis 8

Verse 6. At the end of forty days . We may hence conjecture with what great anxiety the breast of the holy man was oppressed. After he had perceived the ark to be resting on solid ground, he yet did not dare to open the window till the fortieth day; not because he was stunned and torpid, but because an example, thus formidable, of the vengeance of God, had affected him with such fear and sorrow combined, that being deprived of all judgment, he silently remained in the chamber of his ark. At length he sends forth a raven, from which he might receive a more certain indication of the dryness of the earth. But the raven perceiving nothing but muddy marshes, hovers around, and immediately seeks to be readmitted. I have no doubt that Noah purposely selected the ravens which he knew might be allured by the odour of carcasses, to take a further flight, if the earth, with the animals upon it, were already exposed to view; but the raven, flying around did not depart far. I wonder whence a negation, which Moses has not in the Hebrew text, has crept into the Greek and Latin version, since it entirely changes the sense. 3 Hence the fable has originated, that the raven, having found carcasses, was kept away from the arks and forsook its protector. Afterwards, futile allegories followed, just as the curiosity of men is ever desirous of trifling. But the dove, in its first egress, imitated the raven, because it flew back to the ark; afterwards it brought a branch of olive in its bill; and at the third time, as if emancipated, it enjoyed the free air, and the free earth. Some writers exercise their ingenuity on the olive branch; 4 because among the ancients it was the emblem of peace, as the laurel was of victory. But I rather think, that as the olive tree does not grow upon the mountains, and is not a very lofty tree, the Lord had given his servant some token whence he might infer, that pleasant regions, and productive of good fruits, were now freed from the waters. Because the version of Jerome says, that it was a branch with green leaves; they who have thought, that the deluge began in the month of September, take this as a confirmation of their opinion. But the words of Moses have no such meaning. And it might be that the Lord, willing to revive the spirit of Noah, offered some branch to the dove, which had not yet altogether withered under the waters.


Friday, 6 October 2017

In a world that is so cold

Gen 8:11. Matt 3:16. Acts 2:3. (not v 17)


A variation on Twister

For the last couple of months I have been involved with a school musical and now we are getting down to the ‘business’ end of things. This year it is a two in one. It’s cool in the furnace (Daniel) & Godspell. Usually I do the video recording but this year I have been doing some animation to be projected onto various walls & also creating a backdrop for Godspell which is basically a brick wall that is not that basic.

It is not so easy to find room for a 10.5m X 4.5metre backdrop but God provides. Initially I did all the prep work to keep an overall consistency which meant a fair bit of mathematics & methodology. Then I made some large brick stamps out of dishwashing sponges glued to wood. I got some help from some of the more senior student yesterday afternoon to begin to apply the paint which is mostly red oxide with minor variations of red, orange & a light brown (can’t remember the name).

What started out easily enough with students being students & not masters became challenging also for me as I made the same mistake of aiming for a clean space & just making contact with the wet paint with parts of our feet.Many hands make light work & a fair bit of mess & mucking around which is OK at times.I cant show the students for privacy legalities.


Sunday, 1 October 2017

Faith in God is exactly what we need the most.

John 14:5-14.

One of the biggest mysteries in Christianity is how Satan/The Devil could have rebelled against God & the truth is God doesn’t tell us that. He does tell us that Satan rebelled & that it was pride but not how that pride came about. But God does tell us a whole lot of other stuff including all that we need to know regarding salvation in Jesus (being saved from sin & death & all the misery associated with that)

In this life we must live with so many unknowns. Scientists do this too, there is so much they don’t know & so much that they assume & even wrongly claim to be fact.

But that is different to living by faith in God. The Bible tells us that faith in God is a sure and certain thing that grows even though we can’t always put our finger exactly on it in a scientific way. Heb 11:1. Faith is a gift from God that comes when we turn from sin & call out in humility to be saved by God [God in the Old Testament, & Jesus in the New Testament].

Just as Jesus called the disciples to follow Him so too today we are just as called to follow & obey the one who made all things.John 1:1-18.