Thursday, 21 September 2017

The inequality of the equality god

When the state takes control of education so much that it becomes indoctrination of LGBTQI belief then the reality is we can longer proclaim that we have freedom or education but rather a program designed to esteem sexual fluidity in society that is targeting the very young.

The anti Christian spirit of the modern secular is far from neutral & can be easily seen if considered carefully amongst all the fake freedoms of rainbow ideology.

If we are not free to say no & must endorse rainbow religion then it seems to me a form of slavery. 

When the rainbow hits the road.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Industrial appease

God knows what it is like to toil & God is at work today just as much as in the days of Isaiah & Jesus. Each fulfils a unique role that finds its purposes in salvation from sin & misery that can only be found in the triune God, Father, and Son & Spirit. Isaiah 40:1-8.

For all our toil, for all our work & for all our advancement in technology & engineering there are just so many things we cannot do on our own or as a family or corporation or nation or combined nations. Try as we might.

In as much as we bear the image of God, as much as we bear the intelligence of God, we lack His wisdom & understanding as we seek to go it alone. Israel did that time & time again & we do the same today whether we are careless prodigals or esteemed people in society.

Everybody is beautiful sinful in their own way & God has made a way where sin is dealt with in the blood, sweat, tears & luxury of life. To see the beauty of Jesus & recognise His sacrifice on the cross that brings atonement/peace with God is to recognise God’s grand plan of Salvation that cuts & levels its way across time & eternity. Where there are ashes God gives beauty & oil. Isaiah 60:1-3.


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Silicone Style & Plastic Chips

Memory foam… We like our sleep, we need our sleep, just as much as we need good food, exercise & a measure of things made clean.

I am not sure how it will help my memory though & maybe I should get a magnetic blanket & a holographic wrist-band to resonate with the natural energy flow of my body & while I am at it perhaps research some colour & aroma therapy techniques or consult an expert on what is best for me.

Modern living, is it all it’s cracked up to be or have we drifted away from our connection to nature & God our maker so much that we have become plastic people overly dependant on the material at the expense of the spiritual?

We are called to remember things too that we may maintain our shape & be identifiable in a world that believes in pretty much anything & everything.

So as we make plastic while the sun shines & sets & factories pump out their throw away & updateable products (buy bulk & get a discount/nothing wrong with that) it should be remembered that investing time with God has a truly greater worth that is unequalled with anything else.

Psalm 63:1-11.



Monday, 18 September 2017

The Feeling Wars

Post-modern thought continues to twist the meaning of things to suit its own agenda. And in this free speech is no longer considered worthy for all as the LGBTQI political beast seeks to silence those that speak up in defence of time honoured traditional marriage.

At the same time a main reason for those that advocate redefining marriage are introducing the idea of a sympathy vote on the grounds of mental health & hurt feelings for some & definitely not all.

As we continually observe it is not about equality at all, this is about taking ownership of something in a demanding way that goes against the grain of nature & biology & into the mind game of a world that desires to engineer & rule society & children in the name of a freedom that robs others of freedom under a mantra of love & tolerance that is often talked about but rarely seen...Rainbow warriors on the march.


Sunday, 17 September 2017

Clown fish terrifies Deep sea Angler fish! No Bull Shark.

I don’t follow stuff in the US much apart from a couple of Christian blogs that I find exceptionally helpful & what constitutes news every now & then. But seeing the scary clown movie is “now showing” & our own kids have seen it 2, it is a little closer to home. On top of that the FBI Insane clown posse gang cult thing has made some constituted headlines(let's cut to an orange juice commercial as we value add in advertising & drum up a bit more income).

I suppose if a food chain giant can insert a clown into its dealings then so can individuals even if it would freak me out a bit on first impressions & art & artist often like to push & breakdown boundaries as if that is what they are there for.

I think I like Rodeo clowns best(but how reckless is that anyway) & people in suits & uniforms without makeup can do some & put up with some pretty scary stuff.

Masks & masquerades & the 21st century goes 15th Century Retro or even Pagan tribal in a Comic Con kind of way as people opt for temporary insanity or a multiple personality.Crazy stuff.

Not my photo 



Symbolic Realism, Symbolic Reality

Rev 12:5-17. This dragon is no Puff the Magic, neither is it a children’s only happy feely harmoniously rainbow coloured, tinged with drama kind of beast that is toothless or tooth filled with fire on tap.

This dragon is out for power & is happy to deceive to reach its objective & in its deception many, many, people put their trust. Not even Smaug comes close even though though they are one & the same.

Ordinarily we see the dragon with wings but here it is the woman that is lifted up like a powerful eagle that takes flight. “With one hope she presses with every grace endued” (Samuel J. Stone.1839-1900) while the dragon pursues her with an inner stoked enmity of hate & a doom that is secured at the time of God’s own choosing.


Thursday, 14 September 2017

Local Knowledge

Growing up in Australia I have had a bit of time to take in the circumstances that are unique here in a general awareness way, in comparison to visitors and in particular snakes (even though other things are equally deadly & harmful here & abroad) We have a reputation for living in the land where snakes can easily put you down under because we lay claim to having a host of these deadly and venomous creatures that slither & muscle along the ground.

The truth is many are deadly, some are aggressive & some are not. People talk about the Taipan & the King Brown, the Tiger and the Red Belly Black & they all deserve healthy respect & reverence/fear for the power they possess. One of the smaller of these deadly reptiles is the Death Adder (serious music in background).

We ought to take note of this silent subtle creature that covers itself with leaves in a camouflaged coiled state with fangs in wait & a worming lure at the end of its tail to attract a passer buy. Not humans of course & that is why they are considered less harmful but I would say no less deadly either all things being equal.The Death Adder does not discriminate when it comes to a surging bite full of deadly venom.

{The common death adder venom contains highly toxic neurotoxin which can cause paralysis or even death. It can deliver the fastest strike among all venomous snakes recorded in Australia. Human death can occur within six hours after the bite.[2]}

Australian Death Adder Encounter


What about Jonah's feelings? What about Nineveh ?

As far as earthly milestones go I am a few kilometres past 50 with a life that does not belong to me. In as much as I bear the responsibility of my actions etc. I do not own my life or my death. Born in the 60’s, grew up in the 70’s & so on. But no matter the ‘age’ or ethos or spirit of the time the past & the future have always been side by side, back to front & facing each other as time is clocked across the fading & thermodynamic universe as we know it today.

In this, I was hoping for a pretty cool life of enjoyment & fun filled with good things on the whole, but as they say, reality bites & swallows whole & like Jonah in a nothing's gonna change my world plan A, I cried out to the LORD who not only purposed me to know Him but also wanted me to grow up & mature & even suffer as He did.

I know that is true of many people regarding life in general regardless of belief & similarity but the difference will always be Jesus, the Jesus found in the Holy Scriptures & the Jesus who was there when the world began, the Jesus that is eternal, the Jesus who proclaims there is only one way to God & therefore peace, joy, purity, relationship etc.

That a cross or crucifix should be a sign in pointing people to God seems absurd, just as much a man in the belly of a huge fish. Yet Jesus calls us to take note of both & connect the dots, symbolic & real at the same time. Matt 12:38-41.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Rain man

The last few months have been very dry & the temperature readings of late have been warmer than usual. It was kind of nice as we had had enough of winter & we were looking forward to spring. But without the blessing of rain things have not been so great with bushfires in the parched, weary & waiting land.

I know there can be a certain kind of beauty, toughness & abundance in arid places but closer to the coast with its rivers, creeks & farmland, water in greater measure is part of the equation on a more frequent basis.

The forecast was for rain today & it was right. And many people have been praying for rain too. So it was nice to awaken to, or be woken by the falling rain in good measure, it has been like that for an hour or so. You can hear the drops hitting the tin roof & the water on the road splashing with the tyres as cars go by as birds sing in the rain as the sky slowly lights up the new day.

A lot of people don’t see God in this nor are they willing to acknowledge design or intelligence. For them it is blind chance & faith in prepositional materialism, luck, chance or whatever. But when something ingenious & intelligent is created that mimics nature it is hailed as brilliant design & we pat ourselves on the back as to how clever we are.

This has more to do with blind spots rather than blind chance. People don’t see it, but walking by faith & trusting in God has a certainty that is rock solid.To walk by faith & not by sight is trusting in God's radar, a guidance system in a dimension that is much more than the material that helps us navigate in both good & bad places. 2 Cor 5:1-10.

Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside. Thomas Obediah Chisholm (1866-1960)


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Televised Vision

Be not afraid
He(the Lamb) shall overcome
He careth for the little flock
Always, always.