Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Survival of the Statues/Icons & Asherah Poles

White supremacy has many faces. Could it ever be that Charles Darwin could be considered in aiding & abetting the white supremacy movement? In many respects it would be a yes.

In many ways people try & draw a connect & join a dot between race & sexuality. As if it is the same kind of oppression or lack of freedom. But God’s Word includes all nations & one human race descended from Adam & Eve. Not alleged lesser evolved species. But sexual practices have boundaries & limits for our good.


There are no rainbows@night

On the one hand traditional marriage is being down played due to its failings but it is not traditional marriage that has failed any more than God has failed just because life & relationship has been abused & cheapened.To then turn around & assume that two people professing love to each other no matter their gender is going to be a stable thing & bedrock for society is a powerful & bizarre romantic dream.

But that’s what happens when you rationalise things. That society assumes it can confidently go it alone & transgress God’s wisdom with transgenderism or same sex marriage in the name of love & compassion at the expense of truth & wisdom is nothing more than a rebellion & rejection of the original model of Father, Mother, Children, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Great Grandparents  etc.

When religious freedoms will be attacked & people of faith be silenced or their employment hampered & children indoctrinated by love is love, how any believer can reason that God or His people would approve of such a thing for society is beyond God’s Word from what I can see.

That the individual on mass should become God or King or Queen of society & demand that their needs be pandered to at the expense of what God has already given will not bring about the restoration & peace & love that we long for. That can only be found in one place alone.John 8:12. God is God & God is love & light & life.


Monday, 14 August 2017

Toad Man

I enjoy walking about with a camera looking for some live action, especially when it comes to God's wonderful creation (cursed as it is).The other day I had an hour to spare at a place called Swansea (Australia has so many place names that copy Great Britain).

So I made two short clips with Toad fish being the main attraction. The clear water quality was impressive in contrast to the often murky river water near home.

Toads eating dead fish



The high & low road

The priest & the Levite both took a wide berth when it came to the badly beaten & robbed traveller on the road between Jerusalem & Jericho. Luke 10:25-37.Jesus tells the parable to challenge our often miserable ideas of what we believe loving God & loving our neighbour as ourselves equates to & it is a lesson for church leadership, congregations & also the world that has lost its way.

It is easy to hide behind self-justification, it’s easy to just keep walking when you know you should have stopped & done the right thing, but maybe we think our selves or our roles or even our skin, hair, style or accomplishments to be more superior to others. 

In the end a Samaritan shows the way when it comes to words & actions, in many respects, the least of the least or a child, a mere infant among adults.Humility is not so valued today either. There is a lot of proud boasting, flaunting & cold hearted behaviour. Very little has changed in real terms & even technology can easily be considered a tool for evil as much as good. 

So maybe you are an expert at something, maybe even famous, maybe even 'special' but maybe you need to consider other things too.


Friday, 11 August 2017

Hyper Sexuality

Well of course if you have legitimate concerns regarding Same Sex Marriage we can call you homophobe because we believe in tolerance, diversity, diversion & the feelings of others (except you & your ilk).

Never mind that the born that way science has been refuted & never mind that various freedoms will be undermined & polyamory is also standing at the door. 

Just jump on the bandwagon & open the floodgates of populist copy cat ism. Believe in the rainbow & everything will be alright, sort of, kinda, yeh-nah, not really. 


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

God's Word, good for all occassions

Prov 6:24.It’s not just the sweet talk of a wayward woman (not a prostitute in this case) that can devour & consume but even priests/ministers. Like Eli’s sons that looked after themselves rather than the people of God all the while performing religious ceremony.1 Sam 2:12-26.

A church that confesses to proclaim the truth but only seems to feather its own nest by the expense of the people is worthy of scrutiny as far as Scripture goes. 

Sin is diverse, deception is diverse, but God see’s through it all.Maybe you think He is just sitting there but He isn't. God is fully engaged.

Just stuff

Some things like to remain hidden
Some things remain to be seen


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Post Modern Love

If the bottom line be a testament to an undefined love then father can marry son, cousin can marry cousin & so on. After all it has nothing to do with the bedroom apparently & then the precedent is laid & the mix does not stop at two but moves further along the line if we truly consider ourselves to be the upholders of equality & seekers of diversity for all. 

To depart from the wisdom of the biological family in favour of a humanistic sanctioned state is a mere cosmetic that robs us of our significant purpose in glorifying God our Maker & Boundary giver. It’s not like He hasn’t been rejected before as the overly brave new world mimics the old & thinks it’s onto something new & free. So you say love is love & some say ignorance is ignorance...not bliss.


Monday, 7 August 2017

In His Light

Growing up(as a child) & going to church & hearing the Ten Commandments were all good things. Christianity, obedience & forgiveness went hand in hand with the God-man from the region of Galilee.

Yet if the opportunity came, it seemed/felt a good thing to get out of going to church, much like getting out of school or a stuffy occasion where children were often oppressed & could be made to wear nice clothes & shoes that didn’t conform to the then hippy ideas of freedom…Much like adults getting holidays from work “woohoo” or heaven forbid (can I say that) a break from the kids.

We all want to break free but only with truth can we know what is good & what is evil. Balance & hope & good times equate to nothing if you don’t know what truth is. Your good could be evil & your balance could be darkness personified without truth. To find your way in this world could amount to going round & round in circles or squares as you seek to triangulate a path on obscure background waves.

Children need Jesus, adults need Jesus, old people need Jesus, confused people need Jesus, intelligent people need Jesus, and society needs Jesus, lest we pave our way to our own paradise that has nothing to do with truth & everything to do with the lie of the devil with his artificial intelligence & doctrines of twist.

John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Jesus is a timeless truth & a priceless treasure & not to good to be true. 

Matt 13:45-46 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.

Some things are outstandingly unequal & unique
 no matter how much similarity may be read into it.


Saturday, 5 August 2017

Let there be birds

It was late in the day when I spotted a Rosella feeding on a crop in a field as we were driving by. As much as I wanted to turn around & try for a photo I was just as keen to get home & reasoned the parrot may fly off anyway. So this afternoon while doodling in power point I created this image. In this case the parrot is a Crimson Rosella.