Monday, 5 December 2016

Good things take time

In the great wonder of life we have become accustomed to death, we treat it as an expected norm. In our mental equation & experience they are one and the same…inseparable. Whether you’re rich or poor, strong or weak, our physical bodies all experience the same end.

The great wonder of Christmas is the same as Easter, they too are one and the same. In death comes life. Christ came to share in our death sentence that we may have life. There was a price to pay for our transgression & in Him we are released.

There is a light that shines into the east & into the west & in Him we are released.

God is not dependant on "Big Culture"

1Cor 1:18-29.


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Beautiful Saviour

Christmas (the birth of Christ) is a public demonstration and declaration by God regarding His mercy & judgement. The Christ child, who was given the name Jesus, would fulfil a destiny that the Scripture revealed thousands of years before. Gen 3:15. Luke 2:29-34.

Ultimately Jesus did not come to give us a nice time but to save us from the grip of the world & the hold that sin had or has over us. It was a hold that we would not relinquish without a fight, like snakes that constrict their intended prey and will not let go. There is a pride that lurks beneath our skin that resides in our hearts.  

God has acted, God is at work, God is on schedule & he calls us to rest, labour & celebrate in that. Aided and powered by the Spirit we see the emptiness that mesmerises nations and families that pit themselves against the holy one. By God’s grace we are torn from the grip of the indwelling enemy that will not let us go. There is true freedom and it can only be found and won in Christ, one greater than Moses is here, one greater than Muhammad, One greater than the world…Messiah, in him we rejoice greatly. 


Friday, 25 November 2016

Thermodynamically winding down

I am taking a break from posting on my blog. It has been a busy time of late with off line projects and with the Christmas season approaching and summer kicking into gear this seems like a good time to pull the plug for now. I hope to be still taking photos, getting into art and exploring ways to express Christianity on a personal level. So I guess I am going to reconfigure stuff that is already there in my life as other people allegedly evolve (uphill or downhill?)

It is my prayer and hope that people have been encouraged, educated or challenged by what I have produced and made public, ultimately to consider Christ and the legitimacy of God’s Word in this broken and beautiful world filled with sadness and joy.

There is a reason why Jesus came and made an impact that is spanning the globe across the ages. There is a spiritual reason why many are hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. There is a God and He has made himself known in every season. He is here and He will return as He calls us to be in, but not of, the world. 


Tuesday, 22 November 2016


It was swamp people territory (minus the crocodiles and rifles). The sun was going down and the evening light was gloriously golden as the hemisphere went into cooling mode as the universe was doing it's thing. I had been moving in and out of reeds looking for frogs but finding dragonflies that were maybe planning on settling in for the night. The variation of colour schemes is manifold, although they often fly quickly they also pause to hover and like to land here and there which is good as it enables time to focus.

Depth of field enables the subject to be captured in focus while diffusing the background if desired. In a way it creates a bit of mystery or helps to keep focus on a particular place and not get distracted (sounds like a good time to introduce a sermon or a lesson about the Bible!)

This is the same insect from two different angles. The first was from the west looking east, as it turns out just too bright. The second from the south looking north which is the better shot, but I like the first better.


Friday, 18 November 2016

Boots and All

Some find it easier to love an animal rather than a human as we become selective and comfortable with our limited and poor examples of love. In loving God we learn to love His creation and those created in His image…It doesn’t come naturally as we often think only of ourselves.

It has been said (over and over again) that by being immersed in nature we can connect with God. This is true, but only to a point and no further and what we would be connecting with would be what God has made, not God himself. Furthermore nature for all its sublime design, beauty and magnitude bears witness to some pretty horrendous and shocking things because of the curse. There is only one way to God and that is through Jesus, everything else falls short. John 14:5-14. John 1:1-18.

God came down, took on human flesh and got amongst us so to speak. He knows what it is like to suffer and he definitely knows what it is like to live... in the fullest of measures and without sin. There is nothing half hearted about God.


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Here I Stanza

The Psalms are honest and reveal or mirror our inward struggles, they speak about personal failure, being on the edge or deep down in a hole or pit with no way out. The Psalms are real and are read and relied upon on a daily basis. Old Testament life was full of song, no cars, no radios or batteries but very much full of song and travelling. When it comes to Jesus it is easy enough to grasp the idea that He read the Scriptures, but He sang them also. Matt 26:30.The I AM Tunes & Lyrics are beautifully designed and structured for modern day living also. Some things never change despite claims to the contrary.



Wednesday, 16 November 2016

God knows the trends but He doesnt follow them.

I can still remember going to church again in my early twenties and hearing Scripture publicly read. The Psalms could be so beautiful and poetic, full of praise and delight in God or His creation. Then in the next moment judgements and protests would be pouring out against the wicked. It was a shock to my system to hear stuff like that, even after being in church from birth into my early teens. It seemed like a contradiction, especially after hearing about the love of God. When the Psalms are read today they don’t stand by themselves but fit into the context of the fulfilment of Scripture and the coming of Christ.

But even then, the same spiritual battles exist, the same loving and merciful God, the same God of justice. God has his enemies as does the church. “How dare God or Christians instruct me in what I should and shouldn’t do”, I am my own boss thank you very much, your ways have nothing to do with me! & so it goes… the political, spiritual, individual activism unwilling to be reconciled to God.

Yes the rich and the powerful strut about, the not so journalistic media whip up their ideological storms while the earth groans in expectation of some better news. Sexual immorality & lies are common place and pleasure is the name of the game. False religion is practised on a large scale. It is the same rebellion, just clothed in modernity.

So I can joyfully and confidently read or sing the Psalms. Sing about my own rebellion & how Christ conquered me and healed me. I can sing about the storms and the sunshine, I can sing about a loving God who does not and will not turn a blind eye to injustice. Psalm 37:1-40.


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A battle of consequences and aftermath

Chess to me seems to indicate a church and state relationship times two. But I see no Bible there or a piece that represents God. Today we have secularism (atheism-no God allowed), ideology and state that is waging its own wars and crusades with and against humanity. The aim is to knock Christianity off the board with much protest, mocking & outrage.

With chess the pieces are quiet and that permits limited time to think, with secular belief the priests of humanism want to do the thinking for you. The so called ‘free thinkers’ don’t want  religious people to think, just follow the rules of an unstable society that doesn’t really know where it is going or where it has come from, try as it might.

The Christian church has so very often been under attack and accusation, in the time of the Patriarchs, the prophets, the judges, Esther, Kings, Pharaohs, Caesars, Herod’s, Hitler’s and so. Seemingly hanging by a thread, pursued and persecuted on many fronts yet its purposes remain, solid as a rock.God still moves in the high and low places and His face is against those who do evil.Psalm 34:1-22.


Monday, 14 November 2016

Over the moon

The world is one big family tree, divided in spirit and at war with each other and God. It is out on a limb and boasting much.

We are all related says Scripture, Humanity is one big family. Being down the genealogy line and having branched off here and there over the years we have lost contact with what matters most. To make matters worse, we lost contact with God but that was no accidental wandering, it was a deliberate act and we inherit the outcomes based decision to rebel (original sin). So it is a pretty big and nasty mess and a lot of people are out to save face and hence the truth is in short supply while accusations fly, time rolls on & the past becomes a blur. 

God stepped in as only He could, the only one who can truly say “time is on His side.” He stepped in for Abraham & He stepped in for the Nations as Matthew & Luke point out after much study.” Good things take time and that’s the good news being proclaimed today. God has come near again, in His nearness we find healing and redemption. The beauty is that he will not drift off again, God has come near and he has come to stay for good and forever in the hearts and lives of those he dearly loves. Rock my soul in the bosom of Abraham, more super than nature.


Friday, 11 November 2016


Don’t get me wrong, I think it is good to complain now and then, or even have a good cry. Tapping into our sadness is better than denial and a strict adherence to positive thinking and forced smiles like a body builder on cue.

Naomi knew and expressed her sadness but didn’t let go of Bethlehem, Job put it out there and the book of Psalms give expression to our anxiety and woes. But these passages of time and Scripture don’t lead us down a dead end street of no hope or a cul de sac to go round and round like a fish in a bowl.

In our sufferings is the deep love of Jesus, His compassions they fail not. He lifts us up at the right time, taking away our veil of gloominess. Putting our confidence in God, He takes us out of the loop of misery, puts us on His shoulders that we may see the brighter tomorrow. In God we trust, He truly, truly knows best.