Friday, 28 February 2014

Wind below, God above

In Matt 19:1-12 Jesus speaks of a wonderful union that comes from God. What we see today or even a couple of thousand years ago is not how it was in the beginning. The wonderful thing of a man & woman being joined together & becoming one reflects a spiritual, physical & biological union that has been a blessing to humanity that has spanned the centuries.

From the blessing of marriage & the order that is displayed in the male & female relationship men & women live in love & children are born & nurtured. This is the intended purpose of marriage in the Christian family, the harmonious bond of God in nature. When the warmth fades, love grows cold & the nest not so desirable, it would be wise to examine our hearts in the light of God’s Word. In God alone do we find bearing & direction as we experience the storms of life & the winds of change.[Psalm 90]


Thursday, 27 February 2014

Sounds of silence

In terms of origins & a secular world view…

Science seems to excuse itself on the basis of not knowing yet, or relying heavily on conjecture. It may point to fossils but I have yet to see a program that honestly & objectively discusses the dubious nature of the millions & millions of claims. Usually it’s not knowledge that speaks for itself but it’s the procession of the peer review process that gets all the adoration & praise. The media in its various forms also showers the parade in positive affirmation, but rarely discusses the contradictions & false claims.

So science can be extremely quiet or deliberately misleading as it is marketed in the public sphere. Its followers are quick to point out the failings of religion but not so loud when it comes to its own backyard. If it were politics or religion shouts of hypocrisy would flare up the scene.

Simon & Garfunkel

.Paul Simon took 6 months to write the lyrics, which are about man's lack of communication with his fellow man. He averaged one line a day.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Its about abortion.

Gen 9:6 “Whoever sheds human blood, by human beings shall their blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made humankind.

I see no blood gore cult here, as is often argued regarding Christianity, what is seen is accountability & respect for human life…on the other hand, what of the buckets filled with human fetus parts on account of abortion today in the name of freedom & personal choice in the 21st Century.

I would show some pictures but they are graphic & gut wrenching

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mist covered mountains

It’s over now…Sochi 2014 has come & gone, that’s it for the big winter slumber sleepover. They gave their all, used all their resources taking it to the limit in difficult conditions. At times scraping for just that little bit more….

We live in a world of extremes & contrasts, darkness & light, hot & cold, wealth & poverty. Truth & lies, spiritual & un-spiritual, giving & receiving, belief & unbelief, life & death.

Mt 4:4 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘People do not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. ”

Via Scripture & through the inspiration of the Spirit, Jesus takes us beyond the natural physical world, we see things in Him who is the light of life. Jesus turns our world upside down with power from on high.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hand of Satan

Satan himself, in rebellion against God the maker & provider, cloaks his spirit with a serpent. Earths first inhabitants have language, understanding & safe boundaries. This is not a Stone Age setting of redneck backwardness; this is paradise & soon to be lost because of reckless disobedience. Satan the fallen angel comes to destroy, abusing the serpent for personal gain… Hater’s gonna hate.

The planet born of God has also arrived by supernatural means, in essence, both are miraculous & stand in contrast to scientific speculation & the laws of nature we experience today. Secular science has faith it can clothe itself with understanding in terms of the purely natural world starting with assumptions & joining the dots. Looking backwards in order to move forward the story has often gone sideways with deadly deception. The stranglehold of the secular seeks to squeeze the life out of the supernatural.

Even as it is with nature, things do not always remain the same & although God may be hidden from sight as is much of the past, His people & His word is not. We continue to bear witness that Christ is the Lord of all, in life & death, over things seen & unseen.

Gen 3:1 

John 3:14 -17 

2 Cor 4:8-11 

Col 1:16

see the handsssss   ?


Friday, 21 February 2014


At the intersection of Electric Avenue, the Broken Boulevard of dreams & Salvation Street

The split screen of a spiritual reality that we observe daily in the parable of the wise man & the foolish man....[Matt 7:24-29] A 3 minute video animation.



Before the hills in order stood
   Or earth received her frame,
From everlasting thou art God,
   To endless years the same.

Our God, our help in ages past,
   Our hope for years to come,
Be thou our guard while troubles last,
   And our eternal home.
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Isaac Watts


Pioneers of dust & rock

“Why did you want to climb Mount Everest?” This question was asked of George Leigh Mallory, who was with both expeditions toward the summit of the world’s highest mountain, in 1921 and 1922, and who is now in New York. He plans to go again in 1924, and he gave as the reason for persisting in these repeated attempts to reach the top, “Because it’s there.”

Mallory wasn’t being entirely flippant. He went on to explain:

“Everest is the highest mountain in the world, and no man has reached its summit. Its existence is a challenge. The answer is instinctive, a part, I suppose, of man’s desire to conquer the 

Maybe we have a goat gene hidden somewhere in our DNA ! Just kidding…

Humans like to take things to the limit but let’s face it…regarding life & death, it is better to know your limits. After all those years Hilary & Irvine never succeeded in their mission, or if they did as some have speculated, they never made it back but died near the top.

This is not a failure of intelligent design or a confirmation of Darwin’s theory regarding survival of the fittest. What comes around goes around, yet we are not so much a victim of our own policy but a consequence of a reckless policy.

The wise man built his house upon the rock

[Gen 3:19]         [Rom 5:12]        [Ecc 1:1-10]

Thursday, 20 February 2014

E. I. E. I. O

And on that farm he had some rain...

I took the long way home the past two days, two early marks as things were quiet. There is a selection of roads that interlink with bridges & rural settings that I can take on my way home. I concentrated mostly on video but got some OK shots in as well.

I think the bird is a young sea eagle, a smaller bird of prey is hassling. The other day I tried for some video as another sea eagle glided then all of a sudden it banked right, tucked its wings in then swooped downwards to a field behind a hill, masters of vision & strength in the sky.

After the long hot & dry summer the recent rain has been of tremendous blessing as the fields begin to refresh & sing again. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.



In the recent Ham/Nye debate many dubbed it as Religious V Scientific. Yet in a follow up letter that turned up this week in the Newcastle Herald I find my response had been removed twice…I was hoping to bring to the reader’s attention a selection of ridgy didge scientists who reject the Big bang which is taught to millions of young minds.

New Scientist May 22  2004

It seems the truth really can hurt or offend…so much so that some people will do all they can to hide from it.


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Give me cling...not bling

In the modern age of technology & advancement in knowledge over many years it can seem as no sooner has one problem been solved or remedied that another should arise, as the earth & the seasons do the rounds, so it is with earth’s history.

That God should use a wooden cross of Roman construction & six inch nails to convey a brighter side to life seems extraordinary, revolutionary & yet not a rebellion. I doubt God would have got any consensus had he decided to take His plans to humanity as the facts evidently show what the people thought of the prophets and God in the flesh. There is that human nature, the forces of good & evil & history doing its thing again…since the fall.

It is in weakness & meekness that God often chooses to display His power. It is on this road where we meet Jesus the priceless treasue, King of Kings, & Lord of Lords.

1 Cor 1:18

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


[Matt 5:6]

[Psalm 63:]


Unchained Spiritual

Wade in the water is a Negro Spiritual song that finds biblical roots in the books of [Exodus14] & [John 5:1-15]. Released from the oppressive hold of sin & misery by divine power… Christ has declared it to be so, in Christ we are the redeemed, the price has been paid.[Heb 2:12]

In our new found freedom & the gift of the Spirit, we need no longer bow to the oppressive nature of earthly doctrine which seeks us to conform to its 24/7 rule of self rather than its love of God. Our walk is now heaven ward, there is no joy in going back. Like the psalmist, we do struggle, yet God walks with His children each step of the way. As is with a mighty ocean, God is all around.

Wade in the water…Wade in the water children…Trust in the Lord and…Wade in.


Monday, 17 February 2014

The Gospel according to Jean

For those that want to conveniently lump all religions in the one basket, Jesus has a reminder that He alone is the way to God. Surely you don’t lump all your science in one basket in the current climate. Surely not all economic strategies are the same or newspapers & radio stations , neither is it true of all religions. To believe such a thing is to display ignorance most contradictory & unconvincing, it is sacrilege.

[John 14:6]

[Eph 2:8]

Poirot's name was derived from two other fictional detectives of the time: Marie Belloc Lowndes' Hercule Popeau and Frank Howel Evans' Monsieur Poirot, a retired Belgian police officer living in London.[1]
A more obvious influence on the early Poirot stories is that of Arthur Conan Doyle. In An Autobiography Christie admits, "I was still writing in the Sherlock Holmes tradition – eccentric detective, stooge assistant, with a Lestrade-type Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Japp".[2] For his part, Conan Doyle acknowledged basing his detective stories on the model of Edgar Allan Poe's C. Auguste Dupin and his anonymous narrator, and basing his character Sherlock Holmes on Joseph Bell, who in his use of "ratiocination" prefigured Poirot's reliance on his "little grey cells".
Poirot also bears a striking resemblance to A. E. W. Mason's fictional detective, Inspector Hanaud of the French Sûreté, who first appeared in the 1910 novel At the Villa Rose and predates the first Poirot novel by six years.
Poirot was a francophone. Unlike the models mentioned above, Christie's Poirot was clearly the result of her early development of the detective in her first book, written in 1916 and published in 1920. Not only was his Belgian nationality interesting because of Belgium's occupation by Germany (which provided a plausible explanation of why such a skilled detective would be out of work and available to solve mysteries at an English country house[3]). At the time of Christie's writing, it was considered patriotic to express sympathy towards the Belgians,[4] since the invasion of their country had constituted Britain's casus belli for entering World War I, and British wartime propaganda emphasised the "Rape of Belgium".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Pandemonium, more pandemonium & submission

Habakkuk…He is known only by name & was a prophet of Judah. His heart cries out to the Lord regarding injustice & unfaithfulness. God in turn replies that iniquity/sin/wrongdoing does not go unnoticed…far from it.

It seems an honest thing to me that a Nations holy book would testify to so many transgressions. There is no delusion regarding human & sinful nature here. Journalists of the day almost, they purport to tell it how it is, but their source is the God of Abraham & Creator of all. There is a prophecy & it is not pretty, destruction is on its way.  [Hab 1:8]

youtube clip

The nation had not loved God or their neighbour, exploitation was the name of the game, the law of the jungle had replaced the law of God. Now the prophet is informed of a coming doom, it’s another dark moment for the historical account & Spirit born Scriptures. God had continually warned His people through the prophets. Patient as God is, he also follows through on His covenant.

Though the darkness of the terrible news shakes Habakkuk greatly, his heart remains steadfast, God is trustworthy & in Him alone is strength & deliverance. This is not a brash or bold “bring it on” this is a humble reliance & submissive attitude to a Holy God.
 [Hab 3:16] Though the outlook appears  bleak & barren, we too are encouraged to live by faith & trust in the God who still provides daily for all our needs, whether days be evil or good.



Friday, 14 February 2014

Living Lord



A Camel in the dock.

Where there's smoke there's fire, unless its a cigarette.

Were they, did they, when...

More claims about the Bible being untrue
 & science can prove it, 
sort of, kinda, in a round about way,
if you set a few things up & create a bit of inadmissibility

Are Camels in Genesis Archaeologically Anachronistic?

A good post from Justin Taylor

 It pays to look carefully

Domesticated camels


Shaken, not stirred.

General consideration with a bit of a snub to those not offering consensus

This house appears to have no foundation or no anchor, it’s a great picture, futuristic but possible. Scientology & scrub the decks, Photoshop engineering at its alluring best, we will get to the practical applications later but for now be amazed be impressed. Nothings gunna stop us now.

Now climate change is meant to bring more erratic & volatile weather patterns & severe storms but never mind that for now, be amazed, be impressed, we've got the rising sea level stuff sorted... There is still a bit of detail missing in this apparent solution of relaxed living & home decor 007 style, how will the story really unfold in comparison to the predicted outcomes.

Pie in the sky, the deep purple sky, Dome on the water, or man the life boats.

From the movie: The Spy Who Loved Me
Home James, & don't spare the sea horses


Something in the air


living in a material world & I am a spiritual being

It has been a hot & dry summer this year in Australia, the farmers have especially been carrying the burden of life on the land when times are hard. It is a reality check for us humans that think we may manage & control our way through things at the touch of a button or the turn of a tap, in the end we can only do so much, or was it like that in the beginning any way & we just got a bit carried away with ourselves & our abilities.

Many are the plans in a human heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.[Prov 19:21]

Life is not a bunch of natural random indifference, or kindness for that matter, where we can be masters of our own 3D destiny. Something greater exists beyond the microscope says Proverbs.

50 X, 100 X, a thousand times. God is not one in a million or one in a trillion. He is One & there is no other. It is in Him that we find our focus, clarity & detail, science can be super as it seeks to understand the natural world but it is not supernatural, that department & everything else belongs to God.

How do I know…the Bible tells me so. [Col 1:16]


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Crazy little thing called Valentine’s Day

This is not so much cynical, rather complex, 
in the world of men, maidens, magazines, music & movies.

Skin deep & soul deep
love wounds & mars but Venus is alright tonight
Romancing the chocolate in a jungle of concrete
when the going gets tough, the tough get going
yes, in my dream, dream, dream, dream, dream 
or a fantasy novel maybe.
 Love is a battlefield, love hurts 
only the lonely know how I’m feelin tonight 
at heartbreak hotel where I get so lonely 
get so lonely, I could die. 
Step right up, step right up 
everyone’s a winner baby that’s no lie, 
you never fail to satisfy…
and I will always love you.
you are the sun I am the moon
you are the words
I am the me

Norman Rockwell 

And a wonderful thing called

romantic love

and holy love