Thursday, 26 February 2015

following & unfollowing

A Peter O’Toole quote got a mention on my Gmail header this morning

“When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself.”

Prayer can be interpreted many ways. Peter O’Toole worked out he was God when praying!

Wikipedia: Peter O’Toole…

Although he lost faith in organised religion as a teenager, O'Toole expressed positive sentiments regarding the life of Jesus Christ. In an interview for The New York Times, [31] he said "No one can take Jesus away from me...there's no doubt there was a historical figure of tremendous importance, with enormous notions. Such as peace." He called himself "a retired Christian" who prefers "an education and reading and facts" to faith.[31] In the last decade of his life, he played "Samuel" in One Night with the King (2006) as well as a minor role as "Father Christopher" in For Greater Glory: the True Story of Cristiada (2012). O'Toole was known for wearing green socks to bring him "A bit of Irish Luck".


The thing is if you’re not Jesus then you can’t be God & prayer is going to be much more beneficial let alone necessary than wearing a pair of green socks…God has a big inbox!

But we see it everywhere, a bit of this a bit of that, instead of a refining process that gets rid of the muck, filth & superstition...people would rather fill their lives with things contrary to what is for our good. Jesus taught his disciples to pray. Matt 6:5-15.

Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be Your Name…


Monday, 23 February 2015

The City of the Silicone

I really enjoy the creative process/struggle of making art & craft, particularly upon finishing a piece enough to be satisfied. At times it can be very tedious & much backwards & forwards deciding which way to go. You know you have something but it just isn’t there yet… will I settle for less or push on a bit more & when is enough enough ?

I put this little clip together for the kids at Scripture but plan to use it down the track in more depth. The Bible may seem obscure & foreign but once you understand the basics or have someone point out the system it becomes a real joy to discover God at work in history. 

Salvation history for a world that has lost its way no matter how clever, creative, religious or non-religious we seem to be.

That’s why God sent Jesus…to show us the way. John 14:5-7

Scripture is the arrow that points to the solution


The Birds & the Bees & the Blonde

Parrots congregating in a Cocos Palm, the birds were enjoying the nectar along with the busy, busy, bees. I could hear them humming from 40 meters away but it was the squawking of the parrots that got my attention. At first glance I thought they were all Rainbow Lorikeets but after downloading the video I noticed two Scaly breasted lorikeets getting amongst the action also. They are a green bird with yellow feathers on the chest area.

Getting the birds & the bees in the backyard was a bit of a consolation prize in a way. Earlier in the afternoon coming home from a Scripture class (the long way) I had spotted two Wedge tailed eagles feeding off a hare by the side of the road but they were both pretty wary. Even after travelling up the road & walking back on foot. Again, after checking the images I hadn’t realised just how “blonde” one of the eagles was. I will travel by that way tomorrow, to & from work all being well.

(Not so great quality, I experimented with a different setting)


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Nearer My God To Thee

The Holy Bible is like a map, it gives direction for safe passage & creates awareness of dangerous places. There are many dangers on the ocean both above & below the surface.

Nautical maps display many of the dangers that may face a traveller, hidden reefs that may cut open the hull of a ship which can lead to sinking & sand bars that may disable a ship exposing it to hammering surf are just two.

The Bible is able to make us wise unto salvation regarding a heavenly destination, a voyage through life without the saving knowledge of God  leads to being blown about by all kinds of strange teachings…being led astray only leads to destruction unless a drastic change of course is taken.


                           Aramis String Quartet - Nearer Still Nearer


Friday, 20 February 2015


I was recently ostracised online for not knowing all the objections to biblical criticisms, something to do with the book of Matthew. Apparently I got the answer wrong but was never told why. Sadly, many see things through an intellectual lens as if that is the only lens that matters. The truth is…in order to know Christ you don’t have to be super or hyper anything.

Anyway, there is this song called “Don’t know much about history” (Sam Cooke) which, when it comes to love, everything else fades into insignificance…Not because they don’t matter or don’t have a place, but because love is, in a way, a language of its own that goes way beyond interlect…

God’s love, Gods indescribable but also explainable love, thanks to the Bible & demonstrated in Christ comes to the fore & transforms our lives by the power of the Spirit.

Don’t know much about history-Wonderful world-1960

Don’t know much about Theology
Don’t know much about Eschatology
Don’t know much about Apocryphal books
Don’t know much about the Greek I took

But I know that I love you
& that in Christ God loves me too
& Grace is a wonderful place to be

Don’t know much biblical geography
Don’t know much cosmology
Don’t know much canonical
Don’t know what systematic theology is for

But I know that two can become one
& victory in Christ is won

& Grace is a wonderful place to be


Monday, 16 February 2015

Out of Animalia

Every year is the year of the sheep, every year is the year of the shepherd no matter the geographical position when you belong to Christ. Psalm 23:1- 6. It’s no zodiac thing, that would be superstition or idolatry but doesn’t that Age of Aquarius stuff with its many dimensions & energies sell a lot of books & crystals.

Someone very close to me loves that sort of thing, elephants with their trunks raised, a mirror here & red dangly thing with Chinese calligraphy there. Good luck coins with a square hole punched out of the middle, it’s a bit more than going out to a Chinese restaurant for a meal that’s for sure. Speaking of eating there are all those animal parts that possess hidden inner qualities, that’s not for me but then again neither is haggis & a whole lot of odd stuff that can be seen in the butcher shop down the road but I can go some deep fried ice cream.  

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since the time of Noah & the dispersion at Babel. A lot of Marco Polo games played too…Of great encouragement is the good news that the gospel of Christ is making inroads through Asia, breaking down the wall of sin & setting prisoners free.

Dr Paul White: Jungle Doctor: The Great Wall (animation)

Jonathan F. Henry


Sunday, 15 February 2015

heavenly & earthly

Christ came into the world for sinners… the outwardly religious of the day had a sense of self-righteousness but had missed the mark deep down inside, so much so that their hypocrisy was militant. In a similar way humanism with its central focus on human achievement follows in the same groove…no need for God, we have our own system thanks very much all the same.

Jesus is not one too look down on the human race as the saviour fellowships with society in its need for heavenly direction. Mercy is at the heart of his ministry even as He calls people from darkness to light, even if that light may separate family & friends in terms of contrasting beliefs.

Living by faith, loving God for all that he has so wonderfully done does not come without its share of pain & loss but how great the comfort also. At times we are stuck between a rock & a hard place but even there we follow in the steps of Him who has gone before us. Matthew 9:9-13


Wednesday, 11 February 2015


It’s got tongues wagging which means a lot of people will be writing as well. In our suburban public library the book has its own advertising overkill.

Variety is the spice of life they say but that’s not going to get me to eat a Wasabi sandwich with extra chilli & salt & pepper on top any time soon & who doesn’t remember news items where “lovers” have ended up in hospital, divorce courts & even the grave for something as brief as untamed sexual desires. Did I forget to mention the gut & heart wrenching pain of breaking up which really is hard to do on so many levels…there is no warning label for that although it can be explicitly agonising.

If it’s not money & power making the world go round then it’s probably sex. I could almost call it an unholy trinity except that money, power & sex can be good & fruitful things according to the pages of Scripture but that’s not going to stop seekers of self & pleasure exploring the body & mind but forgetting the soul which is to be guarded for life, no matter your age or the age you live in.

50 Shades of Grey & a whiter shade of pale…love hurts & beware of the wooden horse

For a more thurough biblical overview


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Romancing the Redeemer

A lot of people will espouse the wonder of love, like a river, its purity & richest measure lay at its source far from the pollution & waste….Don’t  settle for a shade of love but experience the rich quality of the primary original.

"Unlike many human relationships, we can’t add to God’s love for us. We can’t do anything to make him “unfriend” us. His love for us is perfect and complete. It is not based on what we can do for him or what we have to offer. It can’t be that way simply because he has no needs that we could ever meet. His love originates in himself and not in anything we have done or will do. This unconditional love is the love he set on Israel and it is the same love he has for us. “It was not because you were more in number than any other people that the Lord set his love on you and chose you, for you were the fewest of all peoples, but it is because the Lord loves you” (Deuteronomy 7:7–8)". Christina Fox.


Saturday, 7 February 2015

God's Chemistry

The morning is sunny & the sky portrays a light blue of cloudless hue. The mornings & evenings are cooler now, autumn although down the road, makes its presence felt.

Like the earthly sky that composes the Almighty’s wisdom in changing colours that proclaim night & day so too the seasons pronounce a transition.

Our own lives manoeuvre across a timeline of night & day & of seasons & years reflecting the Almighty’s wisdom, yet for all our activity our image fades as our life is spent.

Then like a book, the cover is opened & the pages are read. Each page revealing all, as light from another world reveals the eternal wisdom of God, the Ancient of Days.


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

contemporary turtle

"The turtleneck as rebellion against the tie

Turtlenecks have historically (and controversially) acted as substitutes of the traditional and dominant shirt and tie look.[11] Some of the fiercest conflicts regarding the turtleneck's use took place in upscale restaurants and in weddings, where turtlenecks have been used in violation of the shirt and tie.

John Berendt wrote in Esquire
the turtleneck was the boldest of all the affronts to the status quo. It was the picture of masculine poise and arrogance, redolent of athletes, sportsmen, even U-boat commanders. The simplicity of its design made neckties seem fussy and superfluous by comparison"

So, in summing up then...

 some people in order to come out of their shell require a turtle neck…


Sunday, 1 February 2015