Friday, 31 July 2015

Hawks, Eagles, Humans & More.

I keep telling myself I have enough Eagle photo’s but then I spot an eagle & engage in the challenge of getting as close as I can without spooking them. This is really difficult seeing eagles eye sight is eight times better than the human eye & my old diesel engine is about eight times louder than other cars & the colour red is highly noticeable on a country road.

If however there is dead roo (kangaroo) or wallaby around, particularly by the side of the road (road kill), wild birds of prey if hungry enough will take it to the close & sort of personal limit also. The Eagle is a magnificent bird of strength & size with great eye sight, sharp beak with sharp & strong claws often on the lookout for food. Hawks although smaller share similar attributes.

“Does the hawk take flight by your wisdom and spread its wings toward the south?  Does the eagle soar at your command and build its nest on high? It dwells on a cliff and stays there at night; a rocky crag is its stronghold. From there it looks for food; its eyes detect it from afar. Its young ones feast on blood, and where the slain are, there it is.” Job 39:26-30.

God’s Word proclaims that He is the Maker of heaven & earth, all the wisdom & ingenuity & information comes from Him, it was no accident even though it appears marred after the fall. Nature can leave us struck down in awe at times, how much greater is God then. This ought to give us a humbling perspective but alas our pride often gets in the way whether we are right or wrong about something.

Being humble before God, who sees all things near or far is who or what we should be drawing near to when it comes to worship & awe. This world has much to offer in short term gain but nothing compares to the wisdom of God displayed in Christ. Luke 1:46-56 (Mary’s Song). This I also need to grow in, you can never have too much of God.


More love to thee (hymn) Fernando Ortega


Thursday, 30 July 2015

Impressions in the thick & thin of it.

There is a fair amount of intellectual property bound up in the history of blacksmiths, metal trades & metal tools. Files are hard & brittle, treat them wrong & they snap pretty easy. I keep one around mainly for sharpening engineer’s chalk which is harder than soft chalk & maintains a thin defined line of approx. 1 mm, something soft chalk just can’t practically do.

There is a way you can get a thin line with soft chalk though, it usually takes two people & a chalk line which is composed of strong string. You tension the line & rub it with the soft chalk bit by bit then you select where the line must go. Tension the chalk line between two points then one person flicks the tensioned string upwards it then proceeds to spring downwards leaving a chalk mark on the intended surface. Otherwise you may need a really long ruler which would be costly to purchase & difficult to store & transport. 

a file photo
 tension the chalked string line, then raise it a few inches & let it go.
 the string flick leaves an impression on the surface


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Precious Cargo & Dash Cams

Normally on my commute into work I am the one who gets overtaken, it’s pretty rare that I overtake anyone (even with a whistling turbo) but the other day I caught up to the fruito. He travels from house to house selling fruit & vegetables. You can see the silver bowl in one of the boxes, it is designed to fit into the scales & give an accurate weight for doing honest business.

Buying & selling is a big part of life in a world obsessed with consumerism & economy driven governments. Apparently things make us happy until we are unhappy with that thing & we need a new thing to make us happy again, all the while someone tells us we can’t be satisfied unless we have the latest & greatest thing to make us happy. Generally speaking this is the mainstream in the slip stream of getting stuff.

Jesus taught that there is more to this life, it’s not that we can’t enjoy stuff but in the great personal equation of things of scissors, paper & rock we are called to consider this question. What good will it be for you to gain the whole world, yet forfeit your soul? Or what can you give in exchange for your soul? Matt 16:26.

There is a right & a wrong way to live & basing your belief of what is right or wrong requires more than just your feelings or your willful inclinations. One day our lives will be measured by what we have built upon & the fruit it has produced. According to Jesus we need His light & truth to make it to the heavenly eternal home. That is why He came, that is why He taught & that is why He died & rose again.

Rend Collective - For All That You Have Done


God is Eternal

God is eternal. Ps 93:2.

 God has set eternity in the human heart. Eccl 3:11.

As much as this is difficult to fathom, 
Scripture reveals it that we might know, 
or begin to know more fully...

Eternity has a personal value
 or something to be considered on a personal level, 
not just a mathematical concept.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wood & Wind & Maritime Stuff

In the modern world with the development of technology & communication the function of light houses, like stars in the night sky are no longer required. The light that is used these day’s glows from computer screens & monitors. Dangers still exist of course but the harrowing journey by sail is more for adventure seekers or those caught unaware these days when it comes to wild weather.

My hometown has a harbour & iconic light house but it’s not one of the old tower types, it’s the shape of the headland that takes on significance. In the early days of colonial settlement convict labour was used to bridge the gap from the mainland to the headland. 

Newcastle has many historical shipwreck sites & river boat stories. Some years back a big ship was caught in a big storm & washed up onto Nobby’s beach. The bigger ships tend to destroy the sea bed because of the anchors, now they must anchor further out to sea.

Old hymn, old organ & just as beautiful today.

Tone & text harmonizing the unfathomable depths of
Scripture & our Saviour in Nearer, still nearer...... 


Monday, 20 July 2015

Modern Art turning people inside out.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

King of the Road

God has given us the wheel in terms of salvation, we don’t have to invent or re- invent anything, the Saviour has appeared, the price is paid. Jude 1:3. But that doesn’t stop the Bible & the people of faith from being attacked or undermined. Rather than following God many are led by natural instinct & not the Spirit. Jude 1:19. As unpleasant as it may seem Christ is King & no matter how murky or messy things may appear we are called to persevere in faith & love. To get to our destination we must heed the warnings lest we kid ourselves & others & depart from the truth. God gives us instruction for our good. Jude 1:1-25.


Friday, 17 July 2015

The eagle that landed

My eyes are not so good anymore, particularly when it comes to reading small print, little by little for now, our bodily functions deteriorate. But driving back from soccer I spotted a shape down amongst the trees that I believed to be a large bird so I reversed back a bit & used the zoom (optical & digital) lens for confirmation & sure enough it was.(there are times when I have forgotten my glasses but not my camera so I have used my camera to use my mobile phone contacts)

Wedge tailed Eagle

I didn’t think much of it at the time but driving home I started to dwell thoughtfully on the majestic bird with all its magnificence, power & freedom. How easy it is to know something yet fail to appreciate the wisdom behind it.

This is how it can be with God (& many other things) & why I am thankful He gives me reminders of His wonderful love & depth of salvation. Meeting with Him in church & worship helps me get things into perspective again, an alignment or re-alignment. God knows our weaknesses & frailties & dearly takes them into consideration, such is the measure of His love.

 It is good to sing Thy praises...Ps 92:1-15.


Unborn in the USA

There was a time & probably still is when the phrase “only in America”. What Americans take as normal many see as bizarre… we can become accustomed to so many things.

So much so that abortion is the norm, an undeniable right you might say. But even if you agreed with that ( I don't) can you appreciate how it can become so much more. Add in some dollars & cents & a niche market like they do for poor people looking to sell body organs in other countries & you have yourself something for the market place.


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Living in the modern Atlantis

At a time when consumables seem to be coming less & less or undergo costly processes & therefore become more expensive why is it that modern thinking societies throw away more & more.

Instead of building things that last the smallest component made of plastic or cheap alloy breaks in such a way that the biggest thing can no longer function & the whole unit becomes kaput. Seeing the design was based on the cheapest possible manufacturing process it’s often not worth repairing due to impractical design or the repair process becomes extremely costly.

Labour costs are not necessarily the problem, it’s the philosophy of making things on the cheap for a quick buck/dollar. In this sense competition is not healthy as many competitors apply deceptive means or cheap hidden options to clinch a sale.

Watering down quality for the sake of quantity only goes so far before it all starts to go under...



Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Revealing God

Ordinarily fire burns, it consumes. This can bring comfort & warmth in the cold but get too close & expect some excruciating pain & possible singeing & scarring & maybe even death. To see a tree in flames but not burning up would be a strange sight indeed & so it was with Moses.

The God who made nature reveals His power in limited yet unrestricted ways. God who made all things is deeply concerned with the sin induced slavery that now oppresses the modern world as it did the ancient.

Ordinarily slavery was a good thing in Hebrew culture providing work & after a time freedom was offered to the slave. But the slippery slope of changing governments in a foreign land meant slavery became something else entirely different…oppression & misery & death.

But this is not about worker’s rights as important as they are reflecting integrity & respect which stems from God’s holiness, this is about the curse of death now & in the afterlife. Jesus is a type of Moses but far greater, leading His people out of oppression, setting us free to walk with God & his great, great, love. Jesus, Prince of peace, now & forever.

Ex1:1-3:22. Rev 21:1-8. Rev 22:1-5.

El SHADDAI Amy Grant (Live)


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Marbles on a grand scale

Going by the observed data I would conclude that Pluto the planet in its sepia toned apparel is a pretty cold place. A bit more complicated than a shot at the moon, the mathematical equations have come in pretty close to the mark. Once again we see that the earth (according to real data & not speculation) is unique for life regarding the heavens & the earth with its order & purpose, humans once again displaying unmatched intelligence which far exceeds animal instinct & intelligence. How great & much greater is our God.

No ducks were harmed during the making of this image


Sunday, 12 July 2015

A Repeating History

The Bible tells me Jesus was crushed for our iniquity (our sin or offence before God) Isaiah 53:4-6. A price was to be paid to bring about satisfaction. In our poverty we are unable to pay that debt, we must rely on the mercy of another.

The problem is we have a sense of pride or defiance that is unwilling to submit to what God has graciously done. We insist on doing things our own way thank you very much. We believe the lie that we can make it on our own, we can make our own glories & destiny without God, the second Babel still reaches heavenwards.

Faith & confidence in the flesh still falls short though, it always will, otherwise there would have been no need for the Christ to come. Only Jesus can truly deliver us from our present evil & sin & the second death, personally & collectively.

The Tower of Babel (Bruegel)


Friday, 10 July 2015


A broken body & a broken world

The world is one big picture of breaking bad, each in their own way seeking healing through the manufacturing of violence, pseudo-morals, spirituality or pleasure… doing our deals on a daily basis like sheep that have gone astray. Isaiah 53:4-12.There is only one solution that provides the satisfaction that is required. Acts 4:11-12.

Christ's body was broken that we may be healed. Partake of Him.


A pair of words

Palette (art) & Palate(food)


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Breaking Bad

At times we get small flocks of Ibis foraging in our yard & they often are found congregating in large dead trees in the region through the day if there not poking their beaks into the ground for some food. Last Sunday evening we went for a drive up the road to take in a sunset. Along with the cows the Ibis were there too as the sun receded behind the hills then off they flew northwards as the sky darkened. 

Not long after we also headed home, I decided on one last photo by the side of the road. As I was taking the photo a large flock of Ibis flew over my head, the sound of their wings cutting through the air on mass & in unison. If they were the same flock then had flown in a large arc, first heading northwards, then southwards and covered about 8 klms / 5 miles before settling on another dead tree in the middle of a small dam for the night.

Due to habitat pressure Ibis are adapting to urban living & getting a reputation for being scavengers & ending up with names like bin chicken, dump chook, trash vulture & tip turkey.

It's no L.A. International Airport (song) out here 
although the RAAF do some training exercises 
at times & passenger jets ascend & descend in the 
surrounding sky from nearby Williamtown.