Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The long & short of it all

We are big on chance & luck in this world & maybe a bit of karma, anything but a Creator God. Modern science will even entertain the idea of an alien (SETI), as long as it’s not divine & holy. A mind trained by the secular sees laws of a sort but not the lawgiver, it seeks an intelligence of sorts & becomes perplexed as new knowns from old create even more unknowns.

What God reveals in His Word is mind blowing & breathtaking, no satellite or telescope required, God is in control. Take out God & the earth & the heavens would amount to nothing, pure nothingness & non- existence. It all comes from Him, maintained & governed as the universe is set to expire just like us...

And in this toilsome & weary world, God provides. Yes we seek to advance agriculture, yes we seek to understand the weather patterns, yes we seek to improve our medical skills, yes we seek to understand the universe & improve our lot, but none seek God & it all comes from Him who was, who is & is to come. God has given us wisdom & we have exchanged it for a lie & the truth has been fragmenting ever since when left in the hands of human understanding. Rom 1:18-32. 

For, “All people are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field, the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord endures forever.”1 Peter 1:24-25.


Monday, 29 August 2016

News that really matters, informed & good news with perspective amongst the bad news

Just because we have eyes doesn’t mean we have to see everything
Just because we have a brain doesn’t mean we have to know everything
Just because we have ears doesn’t mean we have to hear everything
Just because we have a nose doesn’t mean we have to smell everything
Just because we have hands doesn’t mean we have to do everything
God understands our limitedness, God understands our fallen nature
It’s even worse than capitalism, God understands that too

It’s why we have His Word preserved, His providence supplied & the Lamb to atone
He stoops, He stoops down into what we think is our world
To show us there is more to the story

Redeeming God, Mighty to save, from the pit of our own doings
Faith in Him is what we need to know & learn
In this most ill-advised planet of worldliness lost in a diversity of sinful nature 

Nobody’s perfect! That’s right & that’s why there is so much wrong & only God can & will & is putting things right.


Consumer beware

Sadly, science is not all it’s cracked up to be, despite the hope it seems to offer. The idea that things are facts is not necessarily factual. This is very true when it comes to looking backwards into the past.

Often what is presented as fact is not, it is assumptions built on assumptions, storytelling & make believe. We are led to believe our modern science is sunny side up when in fact it is just a rotten egg, worthless & broken. It always pays to check the content of things lest you get led astray & ripped off.

"The fragmentary nature of most specimens means that reconstructions often have to be largely speculative, i.e. guesswork, leaving free reign for evolutionary bias." Daniel Anderson.


Sunday, 28 August 2016

Laughter the best medicine?

Happiness is the key to living life according to many, the final arbiter when it comes to our decisions & aims, even at the expense of doing what is right. There is nothing wrong with happiness, we all enjoy it if we can, but that’s a pretty narrow & misguided aim for the realities of life.

That’s what I like about the book of Ecclesiastes. It sees the positives & negatives in life, it recognises the good & evil that has become our lot. Furthermore it tells us that our frustrations & sadness can actually be good for us. None of the evolutionary dogma that insists our woes are tied up in the struggle of apes coming out of the trees. None of the false hope that comes from earthly wealth & unjust gain. None of the Stoic individualism of heroism & the power of positive thinking. Ecclesiastes gives us the bigger picture with a spanning entirety.

Frustration is better than laughter, because a sad face is good for the heart. Eccl 7:3-6.

In the OT as in the New Testament, trusting in God & His grace & living by faith gives us a freedom that cannot be bought, an eternal wisdom to keep us safe in this fallen world.



Saturday, 27 August 2016

good timing

Everything has its appointed time, times within time, time & times that come and go. Eccl 3:1-17. Beginnings & ends that are inescapable. Time never sits still, but we should. Be still & know that I am God. Psalm 46:1-11. It is better to have God on your side rather than time.


Friday, 26 August 2016

Thursday, 25 August 2016


I heard a comment the other day regarding the book of Revelation. Apparently it shouldn’t be preached on. How about that.

The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, who testifies to everything he saw—that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near. Rev 1:1-3.

Yes we often think we know better & in the process find ourselves further away from what God thinks.

Do we really live by faith,do we really trust God's Word or just bits & pieces.Do we have a doctrine of impossibilty? Maybe its better that we revise our hearts & minds before we begin to redact God & His Blessed & life giving Word.

Man shall not live by bread alone


Post Modern Aparteid


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Route 666

The  “ORWELL G” moving ford as we dodge stuff & occasionaly looking back (some more than others). Tin foil roof, extra-large mirrors as we become more paranoid so things can look closer or bigger than they actually are and aren’t.

Conspiracies are everywhere of course, except where they are not, so are skeptics, believers & unbelievers. Thankfully God is everywhere & He is not a conspiracy. Jesus is my transport. In life & in death, both now & forevermore.

People conspire against God, but they wont get very far except further away from God, the author & giver of life in all its complexity & beauty.To go against God is to choose death*,emptiness* & misery* & people do that by the truckload every day & every night.

*You may still feel & experience happiness & enjoyment in many good things (even bad things). But that doesnt change our spiritual definition of our fallen nature before God.The human race is in need of great repair (death & sickness are not normal-nor is living apart from God, we have just become accustomed to that).Hence our misery & our shame as we live life on the run.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Killing the softly

So its 2016 & we are so much more advanced (cough, cough). I suppose that all depends where you are standing & what you are looking at. We have ways of making you talk & smoothing things over & rationalising the most horrific things. Moral dilemmas with immoral outcomes. Life is brutal they say. Hail modernism.


Monday, 22 August 2016

Slaves to Paganism bound up in nature

We all have weaknesses, no doubt about it. But I doubt that means the government are going to change the laws for those that struggle to keep within the speed limits. It would be foolish & reckless to human life itself. It’s why we have limits & limitations in the first place, to create safe places.

As far as God goes, the family unit has unique bonds & limitations, love is not love, there is far more discernment & wisdom than that. The biological unity of one man & one woman living in faithfulness is the way things are done. This is the wisdom that Scripture imparts.

Modern societies are delving into past practises of ancient paganism that extends to abortion & unrestrained sex in the name of modern thought, forget about the 60’s & 70’s, this stuff is as old as the hills.

To think that Christians are OK with this in the name of tolerance while rainbow politics seeks to push faith based reasoning further & further off the page is to become the doormats of secular biological engineering. Offering your heart & bowing down to false idols & paying homage to atheistic agenda's that seek to silence God’s influence in daily living is not a good path. Governments have done it before & they can do it again.

Don’t buy into it, decline the deception of a false freedom lost in nature with no structure of discernment other than a mistiness of ideas that expires into nothingness. Love is not love, God is love & there is joy in serving this master.

1Pet 2:16 Live as free people, but do not use your freedom
 as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves.


Fakes seek equality with the original. Fakes are lies basically, whether they are high or low quality. Society tends to thrive on producing expensive looking fakes & in doing so can cheapen the nature or value of things. A replica can never take the place of the original, but that won’t stop thousands of off loading sales people telling you otherwise.

The same can be said of morality & immorality in this flesh seeking world of pleasure & pain, gain & loss, love & hate. And if equality is the end game then love can equate to hate, loss-gain & pain- pleasure & life-death…what a mixed up, shaken up, twisted world we live in, where sin seeks to be a form of righteousness. No wonder there is so much despair. But in this God provides wisdom, comfort & strength from His Word & by His Spirit.

There is no other way & no other name. Jesus is the way, the truth & the life for all our comings & goings, our doings & undoing’s throughout the ages. That God should substitute His wealth for our poor estate is much, much more than remarkable, it truly is amazing & grace. His strength for our weakness.


Saturday, 20 August 2016

great ball of fire, great ball of life

Winter appears to be on the move, breaking camp & heading off. Spring is just around the corner, its approach not that far off. To make it even more beautiful we have had some lovely sunny days. The mornings are still fresh & the fire has been on to keep the main living area warm. The sunshine with its measures of far or near has shed its beams of warmth & light while we bask in its wisdom. There is no place like earth & its abundance after abundance of life & breath, made not by mother earth but the Creator Spirit, God. The Spirit driven seasons with untold & uncaptured wisdom leaves our heads spinning with wonder, delight, sustaining strength & material. Yet so often we glory in ourselves as if we were the centre of the universe.


petrol head

I like riding bikes, I was a postman on a motor bike for 16 years. My bike has been unregistered for about three years this time but I am hoping to get it road worthy soon. It will come in handy having some more transport seing our daughter requires the our other car a bit more with no public transport nearby.

A friend of mine is into bikes & some years back we went on a ride with an Indian club from Newcastle & Sydney. I tagged along & did some video & photography. Tonight I dug up a photo & traced it in power point then put the image into Picassa for some added effects while we were watching some shows on TV after a busy day in the yard. I will probably work the image some more over the coming days if time permits.


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Meekness, Majesty, Mystery & Life

When we sit back & observe planet earth, & the universe for that matter, we humans get to appreciate the beauty, wisdom, power & scale of an almighty God in the things that He has made.

From a distance, it is easy to momentarily forget that the earth & the universe is broken down & breaking down before our very eyes. Just nature? No not at all. Scripture gives us the bigger picture, the created order is subject to decay. Just like you & me, all broken & under laws that bind. Gen 3. Rom 8:21.

An astrophysicist has knowledge of sorts but cannot save us & a cosmologist can be about as useful as Astro boy, Flash Gordon, Bugs Bunny or Walt Disney. http://creation.com/cosmology-is-not-even-astrophysics.

The son of a carpenter with an interesting blood line in a back wood from Nazareth from a couple of thousand years ago seems an unlikely candidate, but nothing is impossible with God who takes delight in mere humans of every race. While NASA & the like are busy star gazing, God is busy searching for souls.Isa 9:2-7.God came to earth with impeccable timing, not Venus or Mars.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Make & Model

God made us: invented us as a man invents an engine. A car is made to run on petrol, and it would not run properly on anything else. Now God designed the human machine to run on Himself. Mere Christianity. C.S.Lewis

I seem to recall Golden Fleece, Tiger in your tank Esso & Ampol growing up as a kid. The unmistakable smell of leaded petrol, and man’s inventions change but man remains the same, in need of the saviour God. Yes we imagine we can go it alone, all those people, a man-made religion with a tweek here & there & everything will be OK, no need to worry & the faith of materialism & all aboard the big red bus of personal freedom, tickets please. 

There are a lot of servo’s out there, various fuels & car manufacturers too, strict instructions, authorised dealers, safety warnings and the like... Avoid catastrophic engine failure. Only God’s promises will endure.We are made by God, in His image & are not a freak of nature of no set purpose.

Gas (1940): Edward Hopper 

note the Bible text in the image. Dan 12:1-13.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


“The more I learn the less I know.”Ain’t that the truth for us mortal & infinite beings who have God like status. Learning & education can take you places, but not everywhere. In Scripture, knowledge is good but it is not everything, far from it. Knowledge can be corrupted, twisted & taken out of context. Without knowledge we can stray, so “The more I know the less I will be a fool.” Fools don’t get equal status with the wise in Scripture. There is a separable difference even though we share a common humanity.

Just as red is not green or blue yellow or purple orange, male female or a curve straight, there really are separable & distinguishable differences. All religion is not the same says knowledge. God calls us out of the blur & confusion of sin into His glorious light. With truth comes freedom from lies & those held captive to them. Come out, says God & leave the darkness of sin behind. John 8:31-47.

While the media seems to be deliberatley interested in the iron pyrite of popular culture & modern myths God continues to have a deliberate interest in the lostness of humanity.His heralds come with the good news of Salvation that can only be found in Christ Alone.


Monday, 15 August 2016

Cans of colour & the God of graphics

Birds of a beak flock together.

At times, I dont particularly care when it comes to all the facts regarding birds & animals etc. As interesting or useful as they may be. I just love being blown away by the complexity of it all. The colours, lack of colour, patterns, shapes, form, function etc is just too much, 
or in this case tou much.

According to National Geographic, the bright colours of the Toucan work like camoflouge in the dappled light of the rainforest, but at the same time Toucans make a lot of noise as they hang out.Getting into the two can thing, their flocks usually number about six (pack).

Having a graffiti likeness without any ownership hassles or a need for anonymity, God's creation is deserving of our praise. Psalm 8:1-9.

Illuminated manuscripts of genetic information in the gallery of Geo made by God.


Sunday, 14 August 2016

On Guard

While many put their ultimate trust & hope in financial & military strength for protection & satisfaction, all good & sensible things I might add (to a point). The gift of faith opens our hearts & minds to the bigger picture in the span of history. Therefore we should remind ourselves & each other of the merciful intervention & guardianship of God in every aspect of life & death. God is the guardian of our souls, in the valley, on the mountain or in between. The evil perverts, distorts & undoes. God brings required comfort in such times. Psalm 121:1-8.


jungle out there.

It's a jungle out there


Saturday, 13 August 2016

Is & Isntism

The dog eat dog love is love soulless world is progressively losing its way more & more, if not on a slope then on the horizontal, further & further, or in a hole, deeper & deeper, scavenged unearthed old bones, licked wounds & the desire to run in roaming political packs of domination. Humanimalia, evolutionism & the loss of real freedom equals devolution.

Death is the companion of the aborted & the suffering who are beyond care in the progressive society. Drawn invisible Darwinian lines in the dog eat dog domain of biological engineering, social experimentation & human feelings, my feelings, my feelings. Where life meets death & where Atheism & a notion of the burden of proof is sacred & self-exalting. (conditions & exceptions apply).


Thursday, 11 August 2016

God gave the flame

The gift of God which has lit our hearts ablaze does not always burn brightly, & like the Olympic torch of recent days there are many in the world that would try to snuff it out. Opposition to God is great & persistent & many governments seek to deliberately supress the truth one way or another. Of this we can be sure says the Apostle & the words of Jesus are no different, synchronised Scripture. 2 Tim 1:6-10.

To make matters worse we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to our immaturity & sinful nature, we can in fact defeat ourselves. But again, in all of this we are urged to hold onto the gospel brought by the Herald, Apostle & Teacher Paul that points to the risen Christ.

 As it was with Timothy so it is with us. Not by might or power, but by the Spirit of God. Obviously there are things that we can apply & do in our lives as we hold fast to the glorious gospel that brings true Hope in a world of perishing souls. For us the party is at the end also, when all the work is done. 2 Tim 1:11-14.


Monday, 8 August 2016

World event

I could never clearly keep track of all the Pokémon creations that were around when our kids were growing up, when it comes to Pokémon go I don’t even try. I think I have seen two on a screen somewhere, a yellow one & a green one or maybe it was grey. It’s pretty much the same when it comes to Greek (& Roman) Mythology or for that matter, Darwins alleged tree of life. But today I learnt of Nike, a Greek goddess (with a Roman equivalent-Victoria) that bestows victory. She is featured on the current olympic “eco” friendly medals.

Yesterday I was talking to some kids about the national anthems & how they celebrate & praise various aspects of people, nature & God (shock-horror in 2016).We touched on the Australian national anthems past & present & those of Old Testament Israel. Imagine standing for 150 Psalms of “Prayers & Praise” at a medal presentation!. 

We don’t necessarily have the tunes preserved (from what I know of) but the lyrics are there in plain sight. The inspiration of the Holy Spirit & the providence & Grace of God present amongst the idolatry & mythology, revealing Jesus(Messianic Psalms), an anointed King who would save His people from sin. This is victory & this is peace in its finest fulfilment. Music to my ears.


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Olympic Update

The Olympics: Where the optimist gets a taste of pessimism & the pessimist gets to taste optimism if things don’t go according to plan. Reality is there along with the hyper-bowl, drugs, crime & pollution are apparently in excellent form. Poverty is just over the road or hidden out back, much of it removed from sight, that’s what you do at parties, put on a good show. A right royal affair, athletic royalty regally rewarded with gold, silver & bronze & bucket loads of hospitality. The personal stories seem to be where it’s at, the struggles & support, the families & friends, coaches & the like, real life stuff amongst the competition, holidaying, camping, nationalism & uniforms. It is a selected & segregated semi global village within the global village. In sport & funding we believe and a semi quasi kind of peace. Global bubbles & troubles.


Breaking News

As much as we dare to dream
We have our limits.
They too should be esteemed & noteworthy