Friday, 30 September 2016

Operation Adam

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. Heb 11:3.

The answer to our very existence is not to be found on comets, distant planets & the like. Do the maths, do the physics, do the science, load in assumptions as much as liked.

For humankind to become so enlightened & fixated as to create modern myths that hinder the truth is a pattern that bears witness over the ages. Put robots on Mars & fill the sky above with satellites, talk about panspermia & non-living matter transforming into living matter for years on end in the hope of a discovery that has already been revealed beneath our eyes, ears & hands in old writings preserved for humankind.

God is not dead, man is dead & lost in sin. humanity has lost connection with God & wanders with an aimless purposefulness. Only Christ can truly give us the hope & deliverance we need. In him all things come together & converge. Earth is where it is at & it is why Christ came & entered our world.


Thursday, 29 September 2016

more photography

Earlier in the week we did a road trip to Cobar, a mining town (copper & gold) way out west in NSW where we have family. It was a full day of driving to get there & it was good to spend time with them & there were many opportunities for photography. 

Recent rainfall meant rivers & creeks were running & high & much of the landscape was bursting with green growth. Big trucks came & went on the network of roads that verged at Cobar where the dust and dirt has a red and orange richness.

I spotted a Kingfisher in an industrial area & noticed its colouring differed slightly, it turns out it was a Red Backed Kingfisher, The Sacred Kingfisher was also present around dams & waterways. Hawks were often overhead gliding around with watchful eyes. 

Further back around Nyngan wheat & cotton fields spanned for miles & miles where emus strolled & lots of bugs formed dark clouds hovering over roads at dusk to be splatted by windscreens & front ends of cars & trucks.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

recent photography

The beauty of inequality creates freedom

There is structure all around us, within & without. We reflect the image of our creator God. We see it in the plant & animal kingdom but what humanity has received is greater than that. When we mess with God’s structure we are playing with fire & should expect to be burned.

There is a way to gain knowledge that is not dependant on the middle man or woman of human indulgence & that way is to go straight to the maker of heaven & earth. Here is order, structure & freedom, it is wisdom from on high.

Sharing in common design (not plant or animal ancestry) we come to realise that we are not equal with plants & animals or God. Cleared of confusion we get to know our place in the history of things, where we fit & why, more than birds & more than bees & more than equality.

To over indulge our senses & set up rights that are contrary to God's immeasurable insight is to invite unhealthy & unwise practices that lead to devastation. If we cannot see the beauty & wisdom of God then we need Jesus to open our hearts & minds to what we see with our eyes. It all begins & ends with Him. John 1:1-4.


Friday, 23 September 2016

Channelling Darwin

Theology is on the march just as much as science. Much of science goes round in circles & backtracks as it settled on false assumptions & not facts. Such is forensic science built on naturalism. The truth is evolution is not a demonstrable scientific fact but a construed argument.

Theology hasn’t changed that much as God has provided sufficient knowledge for living & dying & the fundamental things of life, death & eternity.

Our Creator God walks, talks & teaches us. He tells us all that we need to know, nothing more & nothing less as we grow in the knowledge of Him.

Wandering restlessly from hypothesis to hypothesis while believing nature is the amount of everything is nothing short of worshipping & giving your life to an idol and like them you shall become in the cause as in the effect.

We hear much about the failings of religious people, over & over again but very little about the deception & failings of scientists in the media, such is bias & distortion.


Thursday, 22 September 2016

Dear Digital Diary

I had to drop our car off for a mechanical inspection yesterday morning. I had a camera in the car already so I went for a walk down the street & ended up in two local reserves. It was a joy to discover some of the creatures about & fun/challenging to catch some in digital image.

The night before on the way home from work I pulled over 
& took some shots of an approaching storm around sunset.

The water dragons were telling me to back off I think, 
but also just as ready to do the bolt if I invaded their comfort zone anymore 
(I have never had one shape up to me like that & it was a fair distance away too.)
I have seen chameleons behave like that on the net.

I had stumbled across the mother duck with ducklings not seeing them to the last moment. 
I reversed up the track so as not to alarm them any further but eventually came across them again on a looping track, it was then that they took refuge in the creek.

The small & delicate birds were chirping away here & there.

The Jezebel butterfly came to rest as I was walking along. 
I am really enjoying the old school manual focus lens.

The car passed its rego inspection.


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Lion vs Lion

So the cat is out of the bag & both sides are out to reframe marriage for a debate for a society where some of the people have changed.

Both sides have introduced children into the marriage debate, both sides have introduced love & both sides have introduced equality. One side says equality is to be grasped, the other says it isn’t.

One side wants a sympathy vote that hovers around mental health (everybody has mental health issues by the way), the other side wants the traditional bond of one man and one woman to be preserved as a defining factor. Both sides have 'scientific' data & claim moralistic grounds.

It’s no surprise really. God ordained relationships have been on the decline since the fall. One way or another they display brokenness, but I don’t see that as a reason to smash it up into smaller pieces that blur the lines even further in the name of equality that is actually just another damaging division line in the name of humanity that often goes astray.

A secular society isn’t interested in God, it’s on a deliberate crusade to wedge out Christianity as it conforms to humanistic ideals of love, tolerance & marriage which will probably change again into another distortion of God’s original design of one man & one woman joined together in love & faithfulness expressing purity in the biological & spiritual beings that we are.

God's word matters as people get tangled up in all kinds of deceptions & those deceptions will have repercussions.The tangled web of sin with its many tangents creates equality for all. Only in Christ can its grip be broken.Seperating marriage from God is about equality with God, something that satan in all his pride would be in full favour of. 

Monday, 19 September 2016

Sword Paper Rock

I am not sure what it would take to smile or laugh your way through life. In the end I would think that leads to a type of insane behaviour, a type of stoicism that separates us from who we were meant to be, a man made religion of the mind that seeks happiness as the ultimate goal. Like an immature mind quickly forgetting that sorrow & pain can be for our own good when we see its worth.

The Holy Bible addresses our lot & speaks to our misery & brokenness, our grief & shame, our hurt & pain. God is the provider of our comfort & strength. He wipes away our tears & fills us with joy. There is only so much we can cope with by ourselves, there is only so much we can cope with in the company of others but God is our all in all. Lam 3:19-24. Job 42:1-17.Eccl 3:1-17.

Many opt for the Ying & the Yang of eastern mysticism, the windscreen & the bug & the seemingly enlightened meditations. In doing so the maker of all is missed & denied. Humanity begins to assert its religions on God’s heaven & earth.

All those man made religions are the same, looking for meaning in nature & the mind with heavenly aspirations, Atheism & Deism is no different. It is a broad path, a wide & deep path filled with all kinds of knowledge except the knowledge of God.Habakkuk 2:12-14.

To not build on Christ is to build on shaky ground that will enevitably fall beneath your feet as your world crashes in around you. That is the warning for our being that is the call to heed.Matt 7:24-29.


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Away from the hustle & bustle

Living near rural & bush life makes for some good photo opportunities. Its not uncommon to see farms & fields being worked. If I have time to spare I will take a back road in search of a scene.

Car & bike clubs also make use of country roads & towns. Drives in the country were more common place generations ago, along with that people would buy their fruit & veg at the farm gate.Farmers markets seem to have taken their place along with the big super markets competing for every dollar & cent while shoppers compete for car parks.

I remember seeing the old car in my reveiw mirror, I couldnt make out the make or model but decided to speed up the road a bit & find a place to photograph it as it passed by. The Australian Holden motor car had connections with Chevrolet in the US. The styling & design has similarities with the 57 Chev from what I can see.


Saturday, 17 September 2016

large file photos taken in our yard

The aptly named rainbow parrot, a honey gem grevillia tree, 
a bee & small white spider in the lily flower.


around the traps

It doesn’t bode well for a society caught in a mind meld of grooming gender fluidity. For starters ignoring your biological body & its natural functions is going to cause problems & create new ones. To indoctrinate young children into the brave new world of the politically correct Nirvana & Neverland is nothing more than an admission of confusion, a society like so many others past & present that have lost their way. Driven by worldliness another abyss is created, a dark & deep hole hidden from the light of day, a kingdom of desire to be like another.


Thursday, 15 September 2016

The confused planet

[What I thought would start out as a few lines has elaborated further this morning]

Life only exists on earth as far as material evidence goes. In the hot & cold dry desert, deep in the wide ocean & up high in the beautiful blue sky. Beyond that life does not exist apart from visitations to space stations & objects being thrust into space from earth with its abundant beyond belief forms of life.

Living & dying have been accepted as normal things, mostly by experience & taking stuff for granted. Scientific investigation seems to have lots of names for disease & modes of dying but doesn’t have a clue about the origin of life despite bold & inadequate attempts to provide answers.

The Bible tells us that death is not normal but rather an enemy, a consequence of disobedience & evidence of laws imparted by a supernatural Creator filled with unmeasured wisdom & power. God came & demonstrated His power in the likeness of humanity.

In many respects the Bible provides answers but it would seem it’s not the answer people want because people want to be God, Kings & Queens of autonomy when it comes to humanity, nature & spiritual ideas.

So we create our own universe going round & round in circles just like God’s creation, however ours is dismally filled with the certainty of confusion (it would seem ants are more ordered than we are). God is not confused, he holds time in his hand, this world & the display of the universe. In His time & in His way his will shall be done.

Humanistic & atheistic trajectory, Buddhist meditation & thought & the laws of Judaism or Islam won’t get us to where we need to be, neither will a pair of special spectacles or a virtual goggle vision open our hearts & minds to our long lost past of alienation.

Can there only be one so full of radiance & warmth for all our needs, only one light for the world? We only need one sun for life & one earth for life & so it is with the Saviour. It is not arrogance then to claim but one way & it would be ignorant & arrogant to reject the way, the truth & the life…Jesus Christ.John 8:12-20.John 14:5-14. And because God has acted we cannot be without excuse.


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The silent sound of paint & bodies of work

The idea that many paths can lead to God doesn’t bode well for truth. When truth is in short supply there are plenty of distortions around & that doesn’t bode well for society. 

A multi faith multi marriage scenario may present as pretty colourful & creative as far as humans go but mix it all together & you get a black goopy fluid where all the colours are individually lost in this dont worry, be happy forget about the truth, who needs it anyway world. 

What was primary becomes secondary & so on & in it all traces of pure colour become forgotten like a thought unable to find grip. Tonally dark & lacking the light of truth we stumble around. Welcome to the land of Danse Macabre. Here we are all united together in momentary death....then it is on to eternity while traces of our life are left behind on the fading & crumbling planet. Heb 1:10-12.



Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Our Father

There are big rifts in religion just as there can be in families, politics & science. The Bible, like data & relationships are open to interpretation & misinterpretation. And while turning a blind eye to things could be attributed to being humble & practical it can also equate to being irresponsible & creating neglect.

One of the big rifts in Christianity is between Roman Catholicism & Reformed based teachings. The Catechism seeks to address this when pointing out that trusting in saints is not Bible based nor is it wholly trusting in Jesus & all that He has done or instructed.

The idea that we should pray to Mary or any other saint actually goes against the Lord’s Prayer that Jesus taught us to pray & just because you say a phrase to God several times doesn’t make it any more effectual. Matt 6:5-15.

Our peace & joy is heaven sent, not coming from within but from above, from the Godhead, Father, Son & Spirit, overflowing with sufficiency like drenching rain in a thirtsy land.

29. Q. Why is the Son of God called Jesus, that is, Saviour?
A. Because he delivers us from all our sins and saves us; and because no salvation is to be sought or found in any other.
30. Q. Do such, then, believe in the only Saviour Jesus who seek their salvation and welfare of saints, of themselves, or anywhere else?
A. They do not; for though they boast of him in words, yet in deeds they deny the only Saviour Jesus; for one of two things must be true: either Jesus is not a complete Saviour, or they who by a true faith receive this Saviour must find in him all things necessary to their salvation.


Monday, 12 September 2016

An Overview

The Spiritual Climate, often changing its point of focus but always the same

We try to manufacture peace & joy on a daily basis to keep the misery at bay. Accentuating the positives in life & death we believe we are achieving measures of great aspirations. In effect we chase a dream as we live in the nightmare of a world corrupted because of human sin. We are our own downfall as we look for a salvation in various forms. As we seek to build our meaning we reject the cornerstone that matters the most. In a state of faith phobia & imprisoned in worldliness the answer is anything but Jesus of Nazareth. 1 Pet 2:4-10.

It’s one of the highly favoured Modus operandi of the inhabitants of earth. It is a deep problem with a myriad of chambers that captivate the human heart. The aspirational heart has its own army, government & religion that are opposed to God. Rev 12:13-17. We see it every day without fail. People from across the globe rejecting the kindness & mercy demonstrated in the life of Christ.  

We walk amidst the ruin & devastation, the history of the fall & the redeeming love of God demonstrated in Christ.There is only one way out, a narrow passage that leads to life.Matt 7:13-14.


Friday, 9 September 2016

Devils, Dust & Deception

Gen 3:1-24.2 Cor 11:1-15.

Did God really say? It’s been Satan’s song from the beginning, his appearing like an angel of light yet dark as the night, the subtlety of the devil that seeks to undermine the majesty & holiness of God. Smooth as silk, slippery as an eel, bold as brass & hungry for some prey.

Yes, God really did say says Scripture & the natural world affirms the world in its war torn state of darkness & light in the spiritual realms, a mirror image that circumnavigates the earth.

In our beings we either belong to one or the other regarding our citizenship here on earth as it is in heaven & hell.The Bible helps us understand depth beyond general appearance & assumption. 


Wednesday, 7 September 2016


One season closes, another opens. Spring, it's here, the tender green shoots appear & the rich colour of petals & plants do their thing. Intelligent function with a myriad of connections & something to do with a camera & photo synthesis.

A complexity so simply beautiful, organised & complicated. The birds of the air, the bees of the fields. Song & dance in the diversity & order of God's good design for nature.

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning, the sixth day. Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array. Gen 1:31. Gen 2:1.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

He not me

28. Q. What does it profit us to know that God has created, and by his providence still upholds, all things?
A. That we may be patient in adversity, thankful in prosperity, and with a view to the future may have good confidence in our faithful God and Father that no creature shall separate us from his love, since all creatures are so in his hand that without his will they cannot so much as move.

There is a reason why an invisible God imparts knowledge & we cannot deny the design & order that is everywhere to behold. In fact, the wrong kind of knowledge can blind us to many things. The gift of faith knows this, even with doubt, temptation & struggle living in a world of struggle and sin.

God says He has hold of his children. He is at work in their lives. God’s love is purposeful & full of wisdom as He calls us to grow in trust. We don’t have to know everything nor do we have to solve everything.

As it was in ancient Egypt so it is today, nothing can separate God’s love from his children, we have been redeemed by Christ the great shepherd. There is no dispensational difference when it comes to God’s providence, faith & grace. Abraham was no body special or more righteous than anybody else.

God has a plan, one eternal plan, it will not change…ever. 

1Thess 5:24 The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it. 


Monday, 5 September 2016

Modern Potions

I grew up with stories like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde & the Incredible Hulk. In our modern days with media soaked atheistic driven science & humanism the assumption is that miracles don’t happen anymore (or ever did really).

Any “change” in a person’s outlook is narrowed down to a naturalistic interpretation on life, as usual the divine creator God is given the stamp of nonexistence, the Bible was just made up, yardayarda.

That’s what happens when science becomes fixated, it only is willing to see what it wants to see, even when the evidence says otherwise, as with the discovery of blood cells in dinosaur bones.

People deny the super natural every day. People deny the Creator God, In many respects they always have. Samson knew that, Samuel knew that, David knew it when confronting Goliath, Thomas, Peter & Paul knew it.Many, many people know it.

Denying God will take you places, usually further away from truth. This Heckle & Jekyll & Hide world is on a mission & it’s not from God. Being educated in Secular dogma is a formula for deception. It isn’t really seeking truth but living a lie with bucket loads of mathematical consensus. Rom 1:18-32.

Miracles & supernatural inspired laws & matter gives us our stability in this world & the transforming power of the Holy Spirit is working regeneration in the hearts of human flesh.
The experts may not tell you that, the media wont, but a sovereign God will, whether we like it or not.