Friday, 31 March 2017

Static & statisticians

The good old ABC (well sort of good & sort of old) pump out evolutionary dogma time & time again like a SETI signal in search for intelligent life forces, the ABC is well known for its promotion & advertising of all things evolutionary & secular in nature. Cutting edge, cutting data & cosmic dreaming among the asherah like poles of humanity. 

It is pretty unbelievable & un-objective how a scientist can choose one crystal out of 140 & claim it is evidence while discarding another 139 that gave valid readings. But such is the human nature & bistro bar of scientific investigation….

O God, Our Help in Ages Past
The United Methodist Hymnal Number 117
Text: Isaac Watts, 1674-1748 
Music: Attr. to William Croft; harm. by W.H. Monk 
Tune: ST. ANNE, Meter: CM

1. O God, our help in ages past,
our hope for years to come,
our shelter from the stormy blast,
and our eternal home.

2. Under the shadow of thy throne,
still may we dwell secure;
sufficient is thine arm alone,
and our defense is sure.

3. Before the hills in order stood,
or earth received her frame,
from everlasting, thou art God,
to endless years the same.

4. A thousand ages, in thy sight,
are like an evening gone;
short as the watch that ends the night,
before the rising sun.

5. Time, like an ever rolling stream,
bears all who breathe away;
they fly forgotten, as a dream
dies at the opening day.

6. O God, our help in ages past,
our hope for years to come;
be thou our guide while life shall last,
and our eternal home.

Having a laugh & hooked in humour

So did the chicken really cross the road (all the way) & what for? A joke or an anti-joke.

It may not be so funny that the chicken made it to the other side but it is much more heart warming & far less sad. We may think humour is good for us & it is but it can also be our undoing. It is another reason why Scripture gives us guiding principles to keep us in check.

Eph 5:4 Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving.

Some of Lots family thought God's wisdom & judgement a joke & paid a dear & costly price.

Gen 19:14 So Lot went out and spoke to his sons-in-law, who were pledged to marry his daughters. He said, “Hurry and get out of this place, because the LORD is about to destroy the city!” But his sons-in-law thought he was joking.

Sooner or later reality bites


Talking Turkey

I don’t know much about turkeys but I know our neighbours down the back have a few. Every now & then a gobble, gobble, gobble will break the silence & the semi quiet of our home. We have become used to it but visitors certainly notice the most unusual bird call.

When I mow the yard I have to noisily pass the sometimes pungent caged area at the rear of our property which unsettles the birds a bit…which reminds me only yesterday I got stuck behind a country bumpkin in the supermarkets & he smelt like a pig farm…Mind you, getting stuck behind someone slicked up with overpowering aftershave or perfume can be just as adverse for my sensitive nose.

So anyway…The turkey was putting on such an impressive display that I thought it worth my while to go & grab my camera & take a few shots. Turkeys have a few things going on & that little beard thing popping out of its breast or chest is pretty unusual not to mention that bubbly skin that droops downwards from its head & feathers forcefully thrust & shaken in different directions..

You don’t need to go to the city & look in fancy windows or watch a John Christopher Depp the 2nd film to see some fancy & unusual stuff.


Thursday, 30 March 2017


The longer you look at something the more able you are able to distinguish various features. In this busy and fast paced & upbeat life of instants we seem to becoming more and more like the famous & fictitious Mr Sherlock Holmes. Yet unlike him I would surmise we fail miserably at retrieving & appreciating all the data. We are after all human & very limited, unlike our dreams and aspirations.

The Holy Bible assists us on so many levels in this regard. It forensically takes us back to the passing scenes of history with descriptive truth while Sherlock remains stuck in a century in England only to be reimagined in the name of drama & ratings.

God reveals to us that He is on our case & the crime scene. We are dead people walking, deeply marred by sin with levels of goodness that easily throw us off the track. In our assumed goodness we don’t recognise our sin & nor can we as we suppose it to be a minor thing & unrecognisable to the naked eye although we see it in others easily enough.

In Christ alone do we observe a case so distinctive & so divine. The innocent truthful one willingly becomes the victim so that the victim may go free. It is not solved by genius or fine intellect but by humility & obedience even unto death itself. Not by brains & not brawn or steroids or technology as helpful as those things may or may not be, but by spirit, God’s spirit.

Isaiah 42:1 “Here is my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen one in whom I delight; I will put my Spirit on him, and he will bring justice to the nations.


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Taking it all in

Easter is getting close & plans are being made in order for us to appreciate & realise its significance as we continue to worship God the maker of heaven & earth & the God of all grace. At one moment in time God became sin for us. In as much as we see a wooden structure with the saviour nailed to it suffering in agony accompanied by criminals, we also ought to appreciate a willing sacrifice…God provides, as He did on the mount of Moriah. Gen 22:1-19.

Without the Old we cannot understand the New. The Lamb of God comes to take away the sin of the world. Without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness of sins. God sets the terms. Heb 9:22.

In this we should appreciate great cost…life is a miracle & it is precious. To take it is a huge thing as it is to give a life to save others. It is something that we can easily lose sight of as spiritual darkness & meaningless seeks to rob us of its powerful meaning. Col 1:20.

Jonn 18:11 Jesus commanded Peter, “Put your sword away! 
Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?”

Monday, 27 March 2017

Not everything is as it seems

Its funny how a lot of the anti-bullying posts don’t mind a bit of bullying themselves, particularly singling out religious belief and labelling people homophobe…For all the supposed tolerance the slur keeps coming out, homophobe, homophobe, homophobe (insulting someone maybe makes them feel good).

And why… because you don’t fit the mould of anything goes when it comes to sexuality. You see an order that is in nature, a natural complementary beauty & you uphold it & protect it.

The world has lost its way & lost its senses, it is in too deep, it has taken the money & ran. Born that way is a con, so is feel that way…

Yet in God the Father we have a way back.Luke 15:11-32.

In the shadow of Troy & the culture wars


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Old vs New

The thing that I like about some of the older transport is that you were less cocooned. I have never been in an old tiger moth but have been in small modern aircraft flying over the steamy coastal jungle of Papua New Guinea.

In Australia I used to travel by train to high school on a red rattler where you could open the windows & even the doors while at speed. You could be more engaging with the environment which is a plus if you like fresh air instead of the conditioned & controlled modern designs with ultra - safety that don’t work so well when things go wrong.

We have this idea that we are advancing, but that in itself often creates new problems that we dont/didnt forsee.Our barnstorming solutions become problems that hold us back & cause a retreat. Battles & wars & stuff like that.


Friday, 24 March 2017

Christ Revealed

One of the, if not the biggest deceptions to come out of the enlightenment was the illusion that nature is all there is. It cannot be scientifically proven but is a statement of faith or to put it another way, an apriori position similar to the atheist position there is no God (or gods-which Scripture would agree).

In this little world (of supposed blind chance with no moral basis) the human intellect becomes our supposed saviour…we can work it out. It lays claim to reason as if Scripture has no logic or reason when it has plenty of both.

Mistaking belief (which it also holds to) as superstition (which the Bible also argues against) it proposes another faith & another set of miracles that cannot be scientifically verified.

The enlightenment was not that more enlightened or intellectual for that matter. Medicine & science are in harmony with God & were being utilised before the enlightenment. Scripture recalls God’s created natural world where there are so many laws & demonstrations of intelligence as well as the presence of good & evil that cannot be contained or managed by education/knowledge in & of itself... We think we can work it out when in fact we actually were the first cause of sin entering this once oh so beautiful world.

It is blind unbelief that is sure to fail says our intelligent maker. His mysterious ways are less mysterious than those who profess that nature illogically made itself out of nothing or something but we don’t really know what or that some alien force is out there in just so scenarios propped up by esteemed teachers & wonderful graphics & commentary who rely on mathematical consensus rather than established & observable facts.

As it is with the elements so it is with faith. It needs to be a certain kind before Salvation can be imparted or dispersed. There is only one who fits the required purity & obedience and He is Christ Jesus.

Beware the science gurus & philosophers of this age or ages past that come in sheep's clothing, they are nothing of the sort.They have an element of deception that leads us away from God & into godlessness on mass. They have a different light that is mostly darkness.


push the envelope

Facebook is such a rollercoaster. My buddies at FB HQ send me good morning greetings like I am one of their bestest, then they unload the weirdest suggested posts that go against the grain of my likes, even if I have told them so. It’s well over a year now & I can’t put images up because of an error code so I have to publish them on another site first.

It’s not that I am having a rant, I have (slowly) learnt to be content with our arrangement thanks to the support of Scripture & the Spirit. I find FB philosophy in photos & images slash memes the weirdest. I don’t know if it’s because I have a good memory or not but I usually remember all the others posts people put up that contradict their previous posts.

For many it is our moods that drive us or our blinkered self- righteousness (except when it’s not that) & we are the lowly & afflicted or just a rebel who couldn’t really give a stuff what anybody else thinks. One minute our family is the best, and then friends are the most loyal & better than our family.

Facebook, Mood book, Philosophy book, I have so many friends book. Don’t get me wrong, it has its good points & there is some funny & serious stuff that is communicated that define true friendship or fellowship & a very straight horizontal line would be sort of boring.

So I have my family & I have my friends, my stability & instabilities but my bestest/greatest is God & I like & love His book. He gives me stability in this very unstable world of good & evil & everything in between. The anger, the hurts, the joys & sorrows... God is always right & to be trusted & His kindness is full of grace & beauty. Prov 3:5-6.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

The zealous world

Love is love but gender isn’t gender in a supposed modern world where science is the go, monkey magic & confusing messages. In all of this, equality is meant to bind us together & give us a sense of stability or justice or whatever. My toilet will be your toilet & my confusion will be your confusion & my depravity will be your depravity.

The world will often scoff at religion not seeing its own religion. Its own rules built on assumptions as it shifts the data round & round.

In essence the modern world is just as lost as the ancient world & into it came God. Yes He could fix all our problems in an instant but in terms of equality that wouldn’t be fair on the slow process & good things do take time & we can learn a lot in our suffering too.

The Bible says God is patient & that patience is displayed for a reason. 2 Peter 3:9-10. God has His kindness, God has shown His goodness & His justice & He has also shown us His son. It doesn’t get much more personal than that.

He speaks/challenges to our frailty, our warped sense of power, our trust in money & our sinful nature…the big mess that we have created, every one of us.

In as much as you vigorously exercise your autonomy & the right to exercise self-rule like a zealot… I would urge you to come to the Saviour. He holds forgiveness of sin & peace with God in the palm of His hand.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Saturday, 18 March 2017

God's resistance fighter

Scripture only tells us so much & no more regarding many things including original sin & the fall. And in many respects that is all we need to know regarding Salvation. Scripture reveals that the head of Satan, who speaks with a forked tongue, will be crushed. Gen 3:15. Heb 2:14.


Friday, 17 March 2017

Fake News


Thine is the power & the glory (forever)

Don’t go chasing waterfalls or volcanoes for that matter, or mars for another. Yet we do when we become discontent with God’s timeless wisdom. As much as humanity outside of Eden yearns for knowledge as if it holds the answers that we think we need, when what we ultimately need is to be found in God who took on human form for our benefit.

Humanity has its fault lines too, running here & running there, shear madness that lifts us up heavenwards or down in the depths of despair…and Nebuchadnezzar said amen.

Behold what manner of love the father has given unto us. Yet in prodigal fashion we wander & experience the dazzling myths that like mist soon disappear like impossible dreams. The ladder turns into a snake & we slide downwards into devolution outside of Eden.


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The promise keeper

In as much as technology enables new types of materials & building techniques that allow for some fancy architecture & design, God’s ark built buy Noah & his family must have been quite a site, even if the mockers kept mocking the preacher of righteousness as the purpose built ark was assembled & prepared.

There are several wow factors, big deep wow factors. Heb 11:7. God’s judgement on sin & God’s mercy, care & keeping of all that was protected & shielded in the wooden ark or box & not so much a boat as we know them today.

Today we live & build for the kingdom that comes with majesty & power (even if it is like a veil to many). In this world & on this earth we testify regarding God the maker of heaven & earth, our redeemer & judge of all the nations. Acts 1:8.


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

outrage on tap

There were times when townships & crowds became irate, intense & afraid when confronted with God in the flesh. Matt 8:28-34. Even in Jesus home town of Nazareth. Luke 4:20-30. The outrage, the not my God protests & fears.

We don’t like to be confronted with truth that challenges our so called comfort zones & this is just as true for Atheism. Anything that resembles or gives voice to Christianity is quickly shouted down with a blinkered self- righteousness that borrows its morals from the Bible...the ones that suit anyway.

Casting judgement on God & His word, preaching tolerance while being intolerant, protesting much & whipping up crowds is nothing new, it’s the same old spirit & dog on a chain & barking madly & loudly.

It is what put Jesus on the cross, the fear that turned to hate & just wanted God out of the way so they could feel comfortable again. The long weekend, yes…a kind of Easter, at least the chocolate but don’t give me any of that Jesus stuff, I am my own god. It is what we have become…just as God said we would, so long ago….cheers.


Monday, 13 March 2017

Saviour, like a shepherd lead us.

We like to track stuff. Keeping track of things can be very important & beneficial, even life sustaining (but just as much garbage depending what you follow). Keeping track of things can help us stay on track instead of wandering off. But as Hansel & Gretel would testify, it matters what you use to find or keep your bearings.

In as much as God has given us eyes & ears, they are to be used in conjunction with His Word from beginning to end. Things change & society & societies shift around in their search for fulfilment or meaning just like nations so long ago.Hansel & Gretel would testify to this too.

Like Goliath many people make their boasts regarding God or the Bible & like Jesus we should not cower but continue in faith looking to God in all things. In as much as the loud & arrogant boasts seem to tower over us, we should continue to boast in the Lord. God keeps track of all things, almighty, invisible, God only wise.In Scripture He reveals the mystery & purpose of Christ while the fallen & broken world wanders in unbelief.John 10:1-21.


Saturday, 11 March 2017

The farm at rest

I will often cruise around Pitnacree in search of an image. Homes, farmland, a dissecting river & a dissecting upgraded link road with the latest government guidelines. Years ago I would deliver mail in this area. There was a crisp cool feel to the evening as the sun was setting thanks to the abundance of recent rain & this passing autumn month.

Thursday, 9 March 2017


Birds of a feather flock together in nudist colonies (from what I have heard). Apart from nudes on the wall & statues, live nakedness is becoming a trend in art galleries too, pushing boundaries & challenging selected conventions, a seemingly uninhibited display of freedom or pride or a boast.

I was once reprimanded & threatened with expulsion by an incensed & bigoted art lecturer from an art school for not wanting to participate in a life drawing class. The supposedly accepting & tolerant post modernist & sort of spiritual man did not want to tolerate my belief.

I wouldn’t deny for one moment that the human body can possess beauty as well as function but I am going to go a little bit James Bond here & say that some things really are “for your eyes only.” Some things are exclusive & that is how God sees our bodies after the fall. Whether we are male or female God gives us boundaries for our good. God gives us beauty, function & boundaries that we may honour Him & one another with purity rather than a polluted mess.

Yes, Bond usually got his way with women who reciprocated in turn but our God teaches us not to think & act like that. 007 in reality is more like a 666 & He made no secret of that, charming & educated as his character was.


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

When in Rome its all Greek nearly.

Life can get complicated, so can colour. We in society often shift from common usage to specialist usage. It is said that the human eye can discriminate between 150 hues/colours. Some colours are better defined & reflected in the darkness, usually white or yellow. Discrimination is everywhere, we spot the difference here, we spot the difference there, we spot the spot & what’s not a spot. We saturate a lot of stuff, we shade a lot of stuff, we can be bright or dull, dark & deep but we all need light for life. Uncannily Jesus tells us He is the light of the world. John 8:12-20.

We see our need for light & appreciate much of the colours but do we see our need of Him ? Acts 17:16-34.In all that is modern today not much has changed really. The big shift has gone from false gods across to nature where the misinterpretations continue to flow. A large number of Greek gods that went a bit Roman then all the pagan ideas about nature & what it is & isnt.Society has changed very little when it comes to the heart of the matter of humanity.


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Out of the curse

The evolutionary dogma intertwined with atheistic tendencies would say that religion is all in the mind, something imagined, a mental crutch to deal with an overwhelming nature. Yet when it comes to gender identity it seems to be OK even though it really is in the mind.

Both in a way seek to un-imagine God as creator over all & in their own special way create their own little worlds of autonomy. One favours the mythology that nature made itself the other favours mind over matter.

Science cannot disprove God nor can it go back in time, it must assume many things that cannot be verified scientifically, hence all the wonderfully imagined stories of this becoming that without hard evidence.

It really does matter what you build on & how you build, lest your house comes crashing down. Jesus (who was & is God) came at an appointed time to develop & build His kingdom. Beginning with Abraham & then blessing the nations, the carpenters son, prophet & priest & king shepherds his people from on high. Isaiah 42:5-9. It is not the phoenix that will rise but Eden, beautiful Eden will be restored.

Prada, pants, powder & power

Woman/Women [is there such a thing for society anymore] in the work place can mean no woman/women in the home which can equate to some pretty spectacular gifts going by the wayside for the family. Yes I know money can be tight as the cost of living escalates & kids are therefore farmed off & sub let by others. I am not saying women should not work full stop, there is more to that story.

Families like an unborn child are aborted & stresssed at the expense some greater good [the state, the economy, the cost of living, a new car]…equality or money becomes the god in the anything you can do I can do better or just the same or not as good really. 

God doesn’t give us our roles to create a heirachy of shame, our differences can become our combined strength but equality is too blind to see that even if our own biology confronts us daily the gender bombs keep going off & scarring the landscape in the gender wars.

Equality is stuck on a horizontal bent but in Christ we see the vertical too, a beautiful relationship that compliments the contrasts. In Him we are forever blest as we are set free from the tyranny of self- importance & power politics. In Christ we learn to see what is what amongst the smoke & mirrors & the daily paradigm propoganda machine.

Will the experts lay down their expertise & become a novice in the name of equality. Will the doctor & lawyer renegotiate & split the difference with the lowly paid worker. You see, we discriminate everyday.


Monday, 6 March 2017

Jesus is the perfect match

In as much as Eve was fashioned from the rib of Adam, God the maker of all things made her too. Creation mirrors God the Spirits hand & mind but humanity reflected His image, and then came sin that ruined the beautiful relationship.

As much as we may try to recreate that moment, it can only be found in Christ, He is the tie that binds & blessed be His name. He gives us equality & oneness under God & in His love we are made complete.

And this is born out of God’s mercy & compassion. Our sins are like scarlet but once we are washed we become whiter than snow. Psalm 51:1-19. If we think we are without sin then we decieve ourselves. 1 John 1:5-10.

Each in our own way are equally fallen in sin unless we have Christ in our hearts.Random chaos & acts will not suffice.


Sunday, 5 March 2017

shifting gears

I was a late comer to the intellectual world of influence, big words & big ideas & the ruling paradigm, my education was mostly radio songs. What a word, helpful if you know what it means. As the gap between rich & poor is set to increase so too is the gap between the educated (in an academic sense) & the not so educated (in an academic sense).

So the corporate world jumps on the rainbow politics band wagon of the LGBT…crowd (maybe there is some money in that & other corporations wants to compete for equal share) to marketing & to market to market to sell a fat pig…

God is into education but also hands on & hands off stuff. Actions, words & knowledge are vehicles for good but evil, for a time, seeks to claim that which belongs to God alone. Jesus is my transport. 

Isa 5:20. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Woe is the opposite to blessed. Woe is a warning like a symbol on a dashboard designed to alarm.Sadly many ignore warnings...oh the price you pay....Dont be confused about gender confusion & distortion, marriage, sex, the needs & wants of children in & out ofthe womb & what love is & isnt. We were designed for a purpose & our maker & redeemer knows best.

Bruce Springsteen - The Price You Pay (with an additional verse)