Thursday, 29 June 2017

Loop holes

Church hoppers, it is a term I heard from a minister/pastor when having a general chat when sharing experiences. I suppose it would be fair to say that there are ministers who may stay in a particular denomination but are doctrine hoppers or issue hoppers & that is one reason why people that stay in a particular church setting don’t really grow in faith & knowledge when it comes to all Scripture.

If a church has a confession regarding Scripture it ought to preach & teach it & not deny its existence or hide it away somewhere in the corners of its heart & soul. I get the impression that confessions as a complete document are being hopped over, side stepped & diluted like a subtle controversial shift at play that not everybody notices, or maybe some just choose to ignore it like selective hearing. 


Wednesday, 28 June 2017

In familiar unfamiliar territory

I was thankful to experience the pre-ordained pre-programmed data/ knowledge digitally enhanced live book  that revealed information I would never have known ahead of time as we travelled along at pace. It didn’t tell me everything but it told me enough.

Our knowledge is limited, Gods knowledge is not & knowing God is more important than knowing everything. Staying between the lines, alert & on course is what matters for journeys end. It's why God has given us His Word, the illuminated text is just as important in the modern world as much as the ancient which in many respects are universally just the same.


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The 4 Corners of the heavens & the earth

Traditionally speaking religion was a term used for the main faiths like Judaism, Islam, Eastern philosophy & Christianity. On the other side of the coin were the non-religious people who reject spiritual entities & tend to hold to a Materialist mind set yet the non-religious are in fact very religious & hold to miracles that actually go against the laws of nature that had to come from somewhere. Both sides of the coin although different at face value hold the same properties & that is faith in something that is unobservable.

For some people God is nature & nature really has done the impossible in their eyes even though they can’t prove it & hence all the arguments. So when a census tells you people are not as religious anymore I would say not so, people are just as religious & bound by belief dressed up in unscientific science.Naturalism, Scientism & Materialists have their doctrine & evangelical outreach programs, government funding & assistance & the like & it seems to me a clever deception & a very tangled web is at play on many dimensions.


Mapping the heart

Life is good! Who needs God? It’s a path that has been chosen time & time again, even by ancient Israel.  God had warned Israel that this would happen, the deception of wealth & pleasure as a force is strong in the human heart. Deut 8:14-17.God often challenged Israel’s fake hearts as did Jesus & John the Baptist before the gospel was proclaimed to the Gentile nations.

Unbelief is a popular choice & a wide gate today. The contentment that comes from God’s provision & our assumed hard work as we turn our backs on the evidence for sin & fill our minds with wonderful storytelling about the past with impressive opinion & alleged facts has many spell bound.

Falling away from God is as old as the hills & those hills are not as old as many assume. wealth is not all it’s cracked up to be either. We assume enough money will solve our woes & our intelligence will lead us to a brighter future but without Christ our hearts remain alienated from God & lost to its original intent. That’s humanities map & that’s humanities bearing, always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth.2 Tim 3:7.

We may turn our back on sin as if it isn’t there & so fool ourselves but God does not, no matter who you are or what standing you possess. That is the truthfulness of God.


Monday, 26 June 2017

Chapter & Verse as We Hunger & Thirst

A little touch of Italy & America in the darkness of night on the land of Australia as cultures meld end to end in domino fashion on the telegraph globe in the bid to outwit & outplay in a Coke vs Pepsi kind of world that will not melt into one.Hutted encampments that viral into concrete as we carry our sugar & spice & all things nice as the environment becomes a casualty on the wrong side of fallen management as the peoples eat drink & be merry for tomorrow we die & we want to make the most of this life that comes with its sting of death & all that is left is the emptiness of the cardboard box destined to be recycled & renewed in karma fashion...The tribes speak & the tribes have spoken but so has God...Man shall not live by bread alone.Matt 4:4.

Four verse Four

Yule maybe feel a bit cold about now

It has been a while since I have been to Dungog with camera in hand. It was an earlier than usual start for many students at the high school who had a business studies project. After dropping of my son I moseyed on a back road photo journalism style capturing images that probably don’t emit the 5 degree temperature that was. Thankfully the sun was tracking upwards unhindered and the car heater (not fully functioning) was at least doing its best under the circumstances.

I had tried a lens filter (circular polarizar) the last couple of times but after reviewing these images I may remove it. It seems to give next to nothing when it comes to editing light & shade. Mostly I just like to get good composition & a reasonable balance & clarity anyway.


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

In the jungle

Just recently Neil deGrasse Tyson visited Australia, more recently so did Jane Goodall. Big science! At some stage they both mentioned something about the untrustworthiness of the internet, that is, the many things that are proclaimed there.

Interestingly enough nothing was brought up about the problems & inconsistencies of evolution/alleged, or the big bang/alleged, or the problems of real scientists who cannot get their work published due to the bias that exists & is present in the science system with its ruling paradigm.

But Neil deGrasse Tyson can tell us that it would be an inexcusably egocentric to think that we are not alone in the universe without a shred of scientific evidence (fourth last paragraph).

The universe makes sense in lots of ways, Degrasse does not & you don’t have to be an expert to spot the swirling scientific spin that morphs into psychology & faith like God morphs into nature in bait & switch fashion. The egocentricity of secular science means God the creator is not allowed in the science room nor the science that contradicts the consensus story & that really is inexcusable as deception springs eternal & takes its captives too.

The religion of scientism

‘It is no more heretical to say the Universe displays purpose, as Hoyle has done, than to say that it is pointless, as Steven Weinberg has done. Both statements are metaphysical and outside science. Yet it seems that scientists are permitted by their own colleagues to say metaphysical things about lack of purpose and not the reverse. This suggests to me that science, in allowing this metaphysical notion, sees itself as religion and presumably as an atheistic religion (if you can have such a thing).’

·         Shallis, M., In the eye of a storm, New Scientist101(1393):42–43, 19 January 1984.

In the thick & thin of it

Monday, 19 June 2017

Flooded with percentages & maybe's & wannabe's

Is there life on other planets ? Observable science says no, earth is outstandingly brilliant & unique according to scientific fact & fits the biblical narrative but that wont stop many scientists dreaming a dream & statistically surmising.There is a dogmatic naturalistic narrative to follow.


We beseech Thee

As Psalm 39:1-13. continues in tones of struggle & faith in prayer & song ultimately it is God alone who can deliver. God can & does cast a critical eye upon His children & likewise God’s dearly loved children can cry out for forgiveness. There are many things that we cannot undo but that does not mean they cannot be addressed. For in God there is true forgiveness & mercy & there is nothing that is that hard for God to do. Time & again God has shown himself to be ever faithful & everlasting as the world continues on in unbelief in its various forms of religious & non-religious peoples & nations.

The Book & the Bird our teacher


Friday, 16 June 2017

We have been digital for a long time.

I am sure a lot of people would be taken back if I told them I can read their future on the palm of their hand but I can according to Psalm 39. Verse 5 gives it to us straight. “You have made my days a mere handbreadth; the span of my years is as nothing before you. Everyone is but a breath, even those who seem secure.”

Life is not a lottery nor is it a science lesson. Things much bigger are at play & the mighty & tender ‘hand’ of God has everything to do with it. The author of life gives & takes away & we are but a breath, phantoms & ghosts that appear & then are gone, just like that. A hand span in the measure of eternity.

In the good years & lean years & everything in between God is God


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Here I stand & here I spoke

Recently I read an article on the invention of the pushbike (or was it a bicycle). Apparently there is a difference & it matters. I like pushbikes, we called them 'pushies' growing up, as a society we tend to throw them away as junk pretty easily. This illustration is a ladies bike that I traced from an old photo of mine. I like to draw too but tracing enables me to doodle with colours,tone & effects on the computer.

My dad had an old fixed wheel bike which meant the peddle/crank arms kept turning at all times, even down steep hills & around sharp corners. So if you leaned to much the peddle upon rotation would embed itself into the road & lift the bike & send you on an involuntary flight with a complimentary crash & burn,needless to say, we used it as a last resort.

Same old same old wandering (sin)

Behold! We, humanity, are trying to make everything new again. Marriage, sex, family etc. The problem is it’s been done before in ages past. The King Solomonisation of Marriage & multiple wives & concubines led to a wandering away from God. The intense unwelcome pushy sodomy & intended rape at Gomorrah led to judgement & King David’s lust & desire led to painful heartbreaking circumstances. Humanity has continually tried to throw God out the window (we do that with unwanted babies also as we abort their life & their bodies) as we mimic the past & put on a mask of technology & fashion & take our cues from fallen nature.

We want & want & want more than we should & our desires can & do betray us. As Scripture says, we all like sheep have gone astray. Isaiah 53:6. So God sent a lamb to show us the way. Isaiah 53:7. He is making everything new again, He is eternal & understands the who/why/when & what matters the most & how it all fits together in this very confused & contradicting world.Isaiah 9:6-7.Dont underestimate the wisdom of God amidst the bold claims of modern scientific say so.

Paul & Linda McCartney - Tug Of War

This song gets part of the problem as it recognises the enmity we share but McCartney does not seem to recognise the solution & peace to be found in Christ & hence looks elsewhere &opts for a futuristic world, a type of humanism? that by faith will supposedly deliver but can’t come soon enough for him.

Monday, 12 June 2017

A Vegas of sorts

You can’t live in the past but you carry it into the present, therefore we can ‘live’ with the past but we can’t go back in time but times change so we can live in the past & do. It is a pattern that is always changing within boundaries like a kaleidoscope of forgetfulness, memories & discoveries that rise & fall in & out of place.

In the clash of mortality & immortality & of things considered good & evil, real & unreal where we dream of titanic things & put our hope in our own strength & wit like demi gods in a distorted nature the multi-versed & eternal Word of God reminds us about little patterns & big patterns. The author of life who seems forgotten & just a memory will reveal Himself & His divinity again apart from his creation. Time seems of no consequence to Him, a thousand years is like a day & a day is like a thousand years. 2 Pet 3:9. But what we do matters very much. Matt 5:17-20.

Things that are old can be new again but in our present boundaries we are all fading & breaking down no matter how much colour, animation, creativity, chemical, plastic & natural goodness we add to our life, even the sun with all it splendour & power is fading into eternity & our eyes that behold it glorious light along with our bodies that feel its beautiful warmth will turn to dust and be no more until the past & our reality catches up with us once again. What happened in the garden didn’t stay in the garden but that doesn’t mean we don’t try & hide it or pretend that the curse or God isn’t there.


Sunday, 11 June 2017

horsepower, candlepower, heat loss & gain

Apparently, on the one hand we evolved (without fire) but then it was critical for our alleged evolving…

In as much as we have gone from generation to generation losing genetic information (& many practises) along the way, we still need warmth when it is cold & yes we can get used to things that are common place. Third worlders or those more prone to poverty & less industry or technology but just as intelligent are going to be more fascinated with first world stuff & vice versa & we still burn a lot of coal or gas to stay warm…we are in fact just the same then as we are now as are apes & horses with variations along the way.

It is hard to get to reality with so much advertised science shelved at just the right height for our perusal. Without a critical mind to asses & question things you really can get taken for a ride.


Ventura? Venture a Highway

Towards the end of last week I went on a road trip with my son. It was a special event for us & a long haul clocking up a thousand kilometres each way as we ventured into Victoria from New South Wales for a game of soccer as the main event when Brazil versed Argentina in the cool-cool city of Melbourne with its fancy architecture & not always at ease cosmopolitan political complexity.

Big cities seem ‘bovine’& like a sale yard & are not my thing & the modern road systems require advanced or developed knowledge so it was good to have a GPS on board & learn how they work. The smaller country towns had more restfulness about them & seemed more home like.

We were both impressed by the game & skill level & were grateful for being able to witness it & spend some time together on the road. After the game & after traffic delays we clocked up two hours of driving before resting for the night & the following morning found ourselves surrounded by police at the motel where we stayed.Being a long weekend there were plenty of events on all over the nation.

Not as much time for the type of photography I am used to but still enough to get a few shots in here & there. 


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Who, What, Where, When. WWWW dot Job/faith.

In as much as we sympathise with Job & his terrible suffering & the letdown of his wife & well-meaning friends, God brings a challenge to Job so that he may get some perspective & grip on a big-big picture.

God speaks to Job out of the storm. It is a big conversation with many examples to consider, astro & atmospheric stuff, biology, oceanology, physics, erosion, seasons & on & on God goes. Even though the Bible is not strictly science, it is full to the brim of keen observation as it speaks with historical accuracy & volume that relates to us not just in terms of knowledge but how it connects with God & us. Job 38:1-41. Job 42:1-17.

As if Job is not humbled enough, he is humbled further & then graciously restored as was his relationships & life. Yes God allows suffering & we don’t like that very much & we want to plead our case & we should & God hears & provides. He always has & always will, always- always.1 Pet 5:1-11.



Monday, 5 June 2017

Game? of Thrones in life & death

God is not new or old, He is Spirit & Eternal, Holy & Unfathomable. Yet He may be known because He has made Himself known to us by His creative power & works & His revealing Himself to us in spiritual,physical & written form throughout the ages as we know them.

Time & again humanity has tried to be god like & like God but without His aid we cannot attain what our hungry & thirsty hearts yearn for... To be made whole, complete, sinless & perfect in every way, even if we tend to play it down & try to settle for less & play the humble servant. Even there our humility cannot match God’s.God is the master of all things & we are checkmated no matter which way we turn in the divided kingdoms of earth.Isaiah 9:6-7.


Mixing it up with ministers

It seemed to me as though the worship service had ended, we had sung the last hymn & we don’t usually have a benediction. Then the minister decided he should pray for us one more time (even though he had prayed earlier regarding the same things) then out came a personal manifesto or testimony about what he thought about music styles & clothing, shoes vs no shoes & stuff like that. No real theology behind it & no solid academic stuff.

I got the idea that the minister thought it was his church, not a leadership as such, or even a body to be considered but what mattered most was what he thought. We were not given any context really so it was hard to know what he was going on about & why. It seemed to take away from the service more than add to it.

If there is a difference between salvation & sanctification (& there is) then there is also a difference between following a minister & following God. Ministers don’t always point that out & can be guilty of confusing & hiding from issues & not confronting them in a proper & orderly fashion.


Sunday, 4 June 2017

A type of terror

Sin is not ordinary, it is extraordinary. That we should choose to reject God & His ways in favour of our own folly & foolishness & exalt ourselves over God and our neighbour is shameful, shocking & horrendous.

Edvard Munch: The Scream (1893)


Water & Blood

1 John 5:1-12


Thursday, 1 June 2017

Blue tube

The ocean is powerful & majestic as it spans the earth. It possesses a deadly strength that can sap your energy & toss you about as its currents swirl about the shoreline past rocks & sand. Day & night the ocean does its thing amongst the islands & continents & it is massive as it covers a majority of planet earth.

Many a tale has been told about the ocean & modern humans actually believe that people evolved from the sea as they cling to a wishy washy dogma.

Beware: there are many tales when it comes to evolution
& like a tangled net can easily become a trap of deception.