Monday, 12 June 2017

A Vegas of sorts

You can’t live in the past but you carry it into the present, therefore we can ‘live’ with the past but we can’t go back in time but times change so we can live in the past & do. It is a pattern that is always changing within boundaries like a kaleidoscope of forgetfulness, memories & discoveries that rise & fall in & out of place.

In the clash of mortality & immortality & of things considered good & evil, real & unreal where we dream of titanic things & put our hope in our own strength & wit like demi gods in a distorted nature the multi-versed & eternal Word of God reminds us about little patterns & big patterns. The author of life who seems forgotten & just a memory will reveal Himself & His divinity again apart from his creation. Time seems of no consequence to Him, a thousand years is like a day & a day is like a thousand years. 2 Pet 3:9. But what we do matters very much. Matt 5:17-20.

Things that are old can be new again but in our present boundaries we are all fading & breaking down no matter how much colour, animation, creativity, chemical, plastic & natural goodness we add to our life, even the sun with all it splendour & power is fading into eternity & our eyes that behold it glorious light along with our bodies that feel its beautiful warmth will turn to dust and be no more until the past & our reality catches up with us once again. What happened in the garden didn’t stay in the garden but that doesn’t mean we don’t try & hide it or pretend that the curse or God isn’t there.


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