Monday, 5 June 2017

Game? of Thrones in life & death

God is not new or old, He is Spirit & Eternal, Holy & Unfathomable. Yet He may be known because He has made Himself known to us by His creative power & works & His revealing Himself to us in spiritual,physical & written form throughout the ages as we know them.

Time & again humanity has tried to be god like & like God but without His aid we cannot attain what our hungry & thirsty hearts yearn for... To be made whole, complete, sinless & perfect in every way, even if we tend to play it down & try to settle for less & play the humble servant. Even there our humility cannot match God’s.God is the master of all things & we are checkmated no matter which way we turn in the divided kingdoms of earth.Isaiah 9:6-7.


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