Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Here I stand & here I spoke

Recently I read an article on the invention of the pushbike (or was it a bicycle). Apparently there is a difference & it matters. I like pushbikes, we called them 'pushies' growing up, as a society we tend to throw them away as junk pretty easily. This illustration is a ladies bike that I traced from an old photo of mine. I like to draw too but tracing enables me to doodle with colours,tone & effects on the computer.

My dad had an old fixed wheel bike which meant the peddle/crank arms kept turning at all times, even down steep hills & around sharp corners. So if you leaned to much the peddle upon rotation would embed itself into the road & lift the bike & send you on an involuntary flight with a complimentary crash & burn,needless to say, we used it as a last resort.

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