Sunday, 11 June 2017

horsepower, candlepower, heat loss & gain

Apparently, on the one hand we evolved (without fire) but then it was critical for our alleged evolving…

In as much as we have gone from generation to generation losing genetic information (& many practises) along the way, we still need warmth when it is cold & yes we can get used to things that are common place. Third worlders or those more prone to poverty & less industry or technology but just as intelligent are going to be more fascinated with first world stuff & vice versa & we still burn a lot of coal or gas to stay warm…we are in fact just the same then as we are now as are apes & horses with variations along the way.

It is hard to get to reality with so much advertised science shelved at just the right height for our perusal. Without a critical mind to asses & question things you really can get taken for a ride.


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