Monday, 5 June 2017

Mixing it up with ministers

It seemed to me as though the worship service had ended, we had sung the last hymn & we don’t usually have a benediction. Then the minister decided he should pray for us one more time (even though he had prayed earlier regarding the same things) then out came a personal manifesto or testimony about what he thought about music styles & clothing, shoes vs no shoes & stuff like that. No real theology behind it & no solid academic stuff.

I got the idea that the minister thought it was his church, not a leadership as such, or even a body to be considered but what mattered most was what he thought. We were not given any context really so it was hard to know what he was going on about & why. It seemed to take away from the service more than add to it.

If there is a difference between salvation & sanctification (& there is) then there is also a difference between following a minister & following God. Ministers don’t always point that out & can be guilty of confusing & hiding from issues & not confronting them in a proper & orderly fashion.


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