Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Same old same old wandering (sin)

Behold! We, humanity, are trying to make everything new again. Marriage, sex, family etc. The problem is it’s been done before in ages past. The King Solomonisation of Marriage & multiple wives & concubines led to a wandering away from God. The intense unwelcome pushy sodomy & intended rape at Gomorrah led to judgement & King David’s lust & desire led to painful heartbreaking circumstances. Humanity has continually tried to throw God out the window (we do that with unwanted babies also as we abort their life & their bodies) as we mimic the past & put on a mask of technology & fashion & take our cues from fallen nature.

We want & want & want more than we should & our desires can & do betray us. As Scripture says, we all like sheep have gone astray. Isaiah 53:6. So God sent a lamb to show us the way. Isaiah 53:7. He is making everything new again, He is eternal & understands the who/why/when & what matters the most & how it all fits together in this very confused & contradicting world.Isaiah 9:6-7.Dont underestimate the wisdom of God amidst the bold claims of modern scientific say so.

Paul & Linda McCartney - Tug Of War

This song gets part of the problem as it recognises the enmity we share but McCartney does not seem to recognise the solution & peace to be found in Christ & hence looks elsewhere &opts for a futuristic world, a type of humanism? that by faith will supposedly deliver but can’t come soon enough for him.

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