Sunday, 11 June 2017

Ventura? Venture a Highway

Towards the end of last week I went on a road trip with my son. It was a special event for us & a long haul clocking up a thousand kilometres each way as we ventured into Victoria from New South Wales for a game of soccer as the main event when Brazil versed Argentina in the cool-cool city of Melbourne with its fancy architecture & not always at ease cosmopolitan political complexity.

Big cities seem ‘bovine’& like a sale yard & are not my thing & the modern road systems require advanced or developed knowledge so it was good to have a GPS on board & learn how they work. The smaller country towns had more restfulness about them & seemed more home like.

We were both impressed by the game & skill level & were grateful for being able to witness it & spend some time together on the road. After the game & after traffic delays we clocked up two hours of driving before resting for the night & the following morning found ourselves surrounded by police at the motel where we stayed.Being a long weekend there were plenty of events on all over the nation.

Not as much time for the type of photography I am used to but still enough to get a few shots in here & there. 


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