Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Who, What, Where, When. WWWW dot Job/faith.

In as much as we sympathise with Job & his terrible suffering & the letdown of his wife & well-meaning friends, God brings a challenge to Job so that he may get some perspective & grip on a big-big picture.

God speaks to Job out of the storm. It is a big conversation with many examples to consider, astro & atmospheric stuff, biology, oceanology, physics, erosion, seasons & on & on God goes. Even though the Bible is not strictly science, it is full to the brim of keen observation as it speaks with historical accuracy & volume that relates to us not just in terms of knowledge but how it connects with God & us. Job 38:1-41. Job 42:1-17.

As if Job is not humbled enough, he is humbled further & then graciously restored as was his relationships & life. Yes God allows suffering & we don’t like that very much & we want to plead our case & we should & God hears & provides. He always has & always will, always- always.1 Pet 5:1-11.



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