Friday, 28 July 2017

The corrupted & the incorruptable

Re creations & multiplication

The message of the Word is that the world is defiled & polluted. As the language barriers come slowly down post Gen 11 & our transport & technology advances so the Babel of old begins to show its ugly power to resist God on mass. The anything God does we can do better deludes the minds & clouds the heart as the peoples seek to attain the irony of godliness without God.

And into this fading world propped up by great activity & miles of poverty & ruin God continues to speak. Come out of this mess, turn to your maker, only He can truly save & truly deliver. Only He is authentic, original & true. Everything else is but a distorted copy & a corrupted file of information.

Demonstrating His love in the fulfillment of Christ Jesus & the outpouring of the Spirit & preserving Scripture, God continues to speak truth into a broken & confused world that is a poor reflection of what we used to be before the fall.

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